Message in a bottle


There’s this massive belt of garbage floating somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean.

If you wiki it, you’ll get a heap of technical and scientific words, but in essence, it’s mostly plastic crap.

I have this image of all of these bottles floating with messages in each of them. Bottles cast by people sitting on deserted island just hoping someone will pick one up.

This last Mercury retrograde has been a little like that- like casting a message out and hoping that somehow it will get through the garbage, and somehow make it’s way to the right person who will somehow understand the contents.


Many of these bottles have contained flashes of brilliance, sparks of inspiration. The only problem is, real life doesn’t involve most of us sitting around on our butts waiting for a bottle to get washed ashore.

This retrograde has involved the usual Mercury mess, and the usual re words. It’s brought more than the usual share of creativity and dissolution, but being Mercury, the trick to recognising this has been slowing down, going within and resisting the call of business as usual.

With the Moon today in social Gemini, with supportive links to Mars, Uranus and Jupiter, the urge to expand is strong. Like now.

The thing is, Mercury might be technically direct, but he’ll be hanging around this point for a few more days yet. And he won’t be out of the shadow phase, ie the point at which he turned retrograde, until April 7, so keep your eyes and ears open for hidden messages until then.