Mercury Rx…so whatever…

Today I was hit by the Mercury bug… actually, it was a combination of me not reading my mail, Integral Energy turning off the power and this reliance on technology which we seem to have developed.

First, the power company advised us last week that there would be “interruptions” this morning. Whatever. I did my usual working from home Wednesday thing- got up at the usual time, signed on & did my emails by 7am, threw on some track pants & ugg boots and ran daughter down to school. Came back, did a few more work things, remembered at 8.40 that I had to have my cocker spaniel at doggie day spa (to have her hair & nails done) by 9am so decided to shower when I got back. Tore out of the house with car keys and telephone. So far so whatever.

Drive back into the driveway, reach for the garage door automatic opener thing….nothing…. Heavy sigh, then being as technically handy as I am, check the fuse box in case I have overloaded the switches. Nothing. More heavy sighs. Spy next doors car in the driveway, and invite myself in for a cuppa and a complaint. She has no power either. By this point I am thinking the situation can be resolved by caffeine and a phone call to husband for house keys…no power to boil kettle and no husband answering phone to provide keys. I have now conveniently forgotten that I made the decision not to read the power outage notification & I made the decision to leave my handbag and housekeys in the house- it is now All His Fault.

My neighbour & I console ourselves with a real coffee at the coffee shop up the road while I continue to track down husband. In the middle of all of this Doggie Day Spa calls to tell me my pampered pooch is looking very glam, husband finally calls back, keys are located and collected, glamorous pooch picked up and access to house obtained. Thinking quickly (hey, I have Mercury Retrograde natally…) I tear down to the gym for a shower, then collect my laptop, a power source, the wireless dongle thingie and complete the rest of my work day from a hot desk at Rouse Hill Library, returning home in time to meet Five Foot Nothing off the bus and to find power restored. 

A whole lot of whatever really, but strangely distracting from the usual faff.