Mercury Returns- the technical post…

My Mercury had a birthday. Yesterday…I missed it. How very Piscean of me.

That’s ok, I have 3 Mercury Returns this year.

This is what the auto forecast I received in my mailbox said:

It’s your Mercury birthday, the day when the planet of information returns to where it was when you were born. This opens a path to clear thinking, new ideas and fresh channels of communication. Your mind may be moving fast, but you’ll probably need the speed to keep up with all the details that are demanding your attention at this time. Stay flexible, so that you don’t take one minor fact and make too much of it. Intelligence is high, but it works best when you balance the demands of the present with your long-term goals and principles.

Anyways, the forecast above from Star IQ is absolutely what a Mercury Return day should look like. Mine didn’t. My head was full of crap and to say I was in a bad mood with reckless tendencies would be completely under stating it!

OK, now for the warning: non Astro peeps what follows is technical guff- you may want to opt out.

For the rest of you, a lesson in Mercury Returns- the casting of, that is.

Just as we cast a chart for the Solar Return (see my posts Solar Return Part 1 and Part 2 for more info and a “how to” guide), we can also do one for the “return” of other personal planets to their positions on the birth chart:

  • In the case of lunar returns, the Moon returns home 13 times a year and the “lunar” return gives you the emotional themes for the month
  • The Venus return (I have one of them when Venus is in Aries) will show the upcoming themes around Venus issues ie relationships, finance, partnership
  • The Mercury Return is concerned with all things Mercurial eg communication, thinking, learning, study, perceptions.
  • The Mars return (about every 2 years) is about Mars type of things- courage, independent action, where you may need to stand up for yourself and exert your will
  • The Jupiter return (about every 12 years) is about growth, expansion and opportunities and where you may need to believe and have faith.
  • Saturn Return (about every 28 years) is about reality and life in all of it’s responsible glory.

So, how do we read a Mercury return chart?

To be honest, it isn’t a lot different to reading a Solar Return chart- the principles are the same…with the exception that Mercury is now the star of the show. The other basic rules apply:

  • The return chart can be read in isolation, but really makes sense against the natal chart. The potentials within the birth chart become really important if replicated in the return chart eg if Mercury and Mars are linked by any aspect in the birth chart (eg it is a sextile in my case) and this is repeated in the return chart by any aspect (perhaps Mercury square Mars), that will be an area of focus
  • Return charts are similar to transit charts- they are temporary and will apply only for the period of the return
  • If, like me, your return occurs during the shadow period, you will have 3. Each return will last until the next. The example I’m using in this post is the final return.
  • The chart can be relocated ie cast at the place where you are at the time of that return rather than the birth place. In my case, I’m a boring sod and live in the city where I was born.

So, let’s look (briefly) at my Mercury Return (MR):

What Sign is on the Ascendant?

Capricorn. This brings a business like sense of structure to all things Mercury this year- and that’s not a bad thing.

What natal house is being brought to the Ascendant?

In my case it is the 11th house- hopes and dreams, the rewards for the work you’ve done, communities & friendships.

The Ruler of the Ascendant?

Ummmm Saturn.

It is in the 10th house- how very business like of it. Saturn is retrograde, so not in great shape.

The House of Mercury in the Return Chart

The 2nd house.  This is one year where my words and money need to be linked.

Aspects to Mercury in the Return Chart

Mercury is nestled in between Neptune & Chiron. Hmmmm. Mercury is also connected to Saturn by trine and Jupiter by square. Opportunities are there, but there will be comfort zone issues to be addressed and fine print (Neptune) to be taken notice of.

Other stuff

Speaking of which, the Moon needs to be looked at- this shows where the heart is in relation to Mercurial issues…it’s in the 7th.

Check out any planets at the degree of the nodes- this always indicates something quite karmic.

Lastly, take a look at any planets at critical degrees ie at 0 or 29. I have Venus at 29 Pisces in the Return chart.

Obviously, this is a quick look/ interpretation designed just to give you an idea. This is the way that I do it- although other astrologers may have different ideas…as always, the best method is the one that works for you.

And the other 2 charts? They’re below in case you’re interested…