mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde…


So anyways, I posted something this morning over on and anyways about the offerings that the Balinese make each day. The process of constructing and offering the tributes is not just a belief based ritual, but also a deliberate pause to be fully in the moment- regardless of the business of life going on around.

The Balinese do have their own system of an astrology of sorts- the complex calendar is used to set all dates and activities- yet I’d like to bet that few people would either know or care that Mercury is currently doing the retrograde thing.

I was talking to a local the other day in a restaurant up in Ubud who said that every Australian and American he meets work so hard that they come here to collapse and then go home to work so hard again to pay for the relaxation that they’ve just had and to save for the next holiday for the relaxation they need from working so hard to pay for it.

He said he didn’t understand it.

What do you do? I asked. You work hard too.

Yes, but we also stop for things that matter, he said.

What about the Europeans, I asked?

They seem to allow themselves more enjoyment, he said.

Perhaps he was typecasting, but I had a similar conversation yesterday down here in Legian with a local, so perhaps there’s something to it.

In our lives, we are so busy multi-tasking, juggling devices and schedules that we forget to notice the details. We miss things.

For me, Mercury retrograde has always been that time when we’re reminded that a little back-tracking, a little revision, a few deliberate pauses in the day can be a way in which we can reconnect- to our own creativity, to what’s important, to the moment.

It can be as simple as the reminder when you’re in disgusting traffic that as late as it’s making you, someone up the road may, as the result of a mechanical failure or an accident, be even more inconvenienced than you are.

Or the next time you’re delayed at the doctors being grateful that you’re not the one whose made her run late with something that could be more life threatening than what you’re presenting with.

I’ve previously posted survival guides on Mercury retrograde- how to get through it- yet really, it comes down to mindfully staying flexible, deliberately slowing down, and allowing yourself to process what’s going on inside.

Having said that, my return flight home is tomorrow night. Garuda have already changed our flights, diverting us with a layover in Jakarta.

I’ll have journals, a fully charged laptop and kindle in my bag, paper books as back-up and my house keys and a change of clothes in my carry-on… just in case.