mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde: A retrospective…


As you’re probably aware (especially if you follow my instagram and have been inundated with pics of pools and foot selfies) I’ve been on holiday in Bali for the past two weeks.

The timing couldn’t ben more perfect and coincided with the culmination of some major life changes here at Chez Tracey. There are a few more still waiting in the wings, so Bali not only provided some necessary rest and relaxation, but it also helped restore strength and bolster reserves for the next round.

Did you notice that I used four “re” words in that last sentence? More on that below.

Anyways, sitting at Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) Airport the other night… as an aside, a great big shout-out to whoever is responsible for the airport for finishing it- there are now shiny new shops, places to eat, places to sit and (thankfully) more toilets after you pass the triple security that is the process to get out of the country. As I was saying, sitting at the airport the other night having one last Bintang, hubby was doing his usual thing of checking what was coming out of the kitchen.

‘Hey darlin’, how good does that nasi goreng look?’

I have this thing when I’m in airports- especially when we’ve passed customs- that I like to just sit and read. I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to speculate, I just want to retreat into myself. I think it’s that there’s so much going on around me that this sensitive Piscean just needs to build a boundary between me and everyone else. I do the same on planes- especially when waiting for take-off. Hubby is the opposite: he wants to talk- about Every. Little. Thing. And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the major different between a Pisces Moon and a Gemini Moon. But, I digress.

‘Hey darlin’, how good does that pizza look?’

Another thing I don’t do is wear my glasses other than when I’m driving or at shows (and I’ve been known to sit in a theatre with prescription sunglasses on). I don’t need them to read, but rather for distance vision. As a result, the world is often quite blurry to me. That doesn’t really worry me. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I find them uncomfortable to wear when I’m walking.

So I said, ‘Sorry love, I can’t see it- it looks like a blurry mess of brown.’

He said, ‘Why don’t you wear your glasses then?’ Followed by, ‘So when I was telling you to look at the surfers every morning at breakfast and you were commenting, what were you seeing?’

‘Objects that I assumed were human on waves that I liked looking at. I don’t need to see the detail to know that they were surfers and the waves were good that morning. I was interested in the whole scene- all the way out to the horizon.’

And that, in a sentence, was this months’ Full Moon. I don’t need the detail to know the story. In fact, some of the story can get lost in the detail. The key is finding the balance between the two. It’s similar, I guess, to how I do my astrology- I’m interested in the major themes, the big picture. Sort of like how this whole post is, at its essence, about how you can see astrology in action everywhere- if you take a step back.

Also at the airport we got talking to this Canadian girl. She was behind us when we were queuing for the first security scan. Then she was behind us when we were queuing to check in. Then she was behind us when we were queuing for the second security scan (the one that was the same as the first, but placed just after check-in and just before passport control). The point is, we had plenty of time to chat to her.

She’d been in Indonesia for a month- splitting her time between Bali and the islands. She was also pleased to be getting out.

‘The first week was fine-I was on Gili Air then- but everything has gone wrong since,’ she said. ‘I don’t think Bali likes me.’ We shuffled along further in the queue. ‘And I don’t understand their systems. I’m so over their systems- none of it makes sense.’

I’ll admit, I don’t see the point of a duplicate full security scan either- what could we possibly have done between queuing for the first, checking in, and queuing for the second? I am, however, happy to go with it if it increases my safety…but that’s beside the point.

‘How do you guys deal with it?’ she asked. ‘Australia’s not like this.’

‘No, it’s not…but Indonesia is…and we do come back every year. The key is not to think too hard about it,’ I said. ‘If you try and work out the reasons why, or find a way to get around it or fight it, you’ll go mad.’

Has anyone else noticed what she said? She’d been there for a month, and one week in, things started to go wrong. The plans she’d made were disrupted, her bookings went astray, the systems didn’t work as she expected they would. Yep, Mercury Rx.

This Rx started with a bang. We had a major meeting with a client and there was a misunderstanding with the venue: we travelled into the city, they dialled in. Some of the documents that were sent around beforehand were the wrong ones. On the way back to work, we were so busy talking that we got on the first train that pulled up at the station. Yep, it was the wrong one. All of it was ok because I’d built in plenty of contingency and none of it was a big deal.

Miss T’s laptop is currently playing up- she’s taking it into the apple store tomorrow- they’ll want to wipe it clean. It’s ok- she has everything backed up and a contingency plan in case she needs it.

While on holidays, other than arranging flights and accommodation, we made no plans. Accidental tourism, I called it. We had a fabulous time ending up at places that we weren’t expecting to be ending up at. We re-visited a few favourites (another re word) and discovered a few new favourites. Hubby got sick at the one week mark (a necessary purge- as far as I was concerned, although he says it was heat-stroke…whatever) so was forced to do not a lot. We planned a little, we reviewed a lot. After the intensity of the past few months the rebalancing, recalibration and recuperation was not only welcome, but also necessary. It also provided an opportunity to go within and in retrospect (another re word) look at why we’d reacted as we did, and why things unfolded in the way they had- with no recriminations. In a way, it was the perfect retrograde.

Mercury stations direct today.

How was your Rx- anything to report? Mishaps or (especially) insights? How many re words did you count?

If you want to know more about what we got up to, there are a few posts up over on and anyways– with more to come.