Mercury in Pisces: This is how it feels…


As you’d know by now- mainly because I’ve been faffing on about it- I have lots on at the moment…only some of which I can tell you about. The rest is another story for a very long time down the track.

Anyways, usually I can juggle it. Somehow my brain can segue relatively easily from work issues into blogging or astro writing and then into the world of my characters. I think it helps that I’m usually in the car for over an hour in the afternoons, so can switch modes by listening to something completely different on a podcast.

Indeed, in the office, my brain will juggle multiple completely unrelated problems simultaneously- that’s the nature of the operation I manage.

This hasn’t been the case in February. While I’ve been able to keep my work brain switched on, I’ve struggled with the rest. I’ve especially struggled to get into the heads of my characters. Rationality has taken over- I suspect that’s been the Aquarian influence- and my normal escape routes have been closed.

It’s why things have been quiet here- the tasks I have fixed deadlines on and therefore, eventual income attached to them, have priority over the blogging. That’s as it should be.

When I was first learning astrology, I was told- by someone who should know better- that because my Mercury was so “bad” (yes, the word was used) that I would have had trouble learning as a child, and functioning at any level of seniority in the work place as an adult.

I had no difficulties at school. I graduated high school with a very respectable ATAR that got me entry into a top Aussie Uni to study Economics and Political Science. I graduated from there with respectable marks. At the time I was managing multiple changes, and complex IT and relocation projects.

There’s no denying that my Mercury is, according to the texts, in a pretty crappy state:

  • It’s in Pisces- a sign where it is in both its’ fall and its’ detriment ie is absoflippinglutely not comfortable.
  • It’s in the 12th house- so almost like being in Pisces twice over- hidden away, living in its’ own head.
  • It’s retrograde- so almost like being in Pisces three times over.

According to traditional astrology, my crappy Mercury couldn’t get any crappier. Unless, perhaps if it was in Pisces in the 12th, and also conjunct Saturn. My BMF- who runs an international multi-faceted operation- has that placement and, like me, manages to cope just fine.

What  told me, is a commonly held belief relating to Mercury in Pisces. It’s a belief that many Pisceans will point at and laugh and say stuff like:

‘Oh, ooops, there were consequences to that?’

‘Oh, ooops, I can’t help it, I have Pisces in Mercury. I can’t be expected to think.’ Cue cute giggle.

Yes, I’ve heard both- and more.

The thing is, I’ve somehow learnt to adapt well to my Mercury- and I’m not alone. Consider all the other successful Pisceans who have done the same.

Since meeting that astrologer, who should have known better and will remain forever nameless, I’ve grown to love my Mercury. In fact, with what I do, Mercury is in the best possible placement that it could be. If I was to invent a Mercury placement for a romantic fiction writer, I couldn’t have planned it better.

I learn best in isolation, I learn best through absorption, I learn best when I allow myself to feel my way and trust my intuition.

I work best when I have a number of things on the go. My brain doesn’t like to be contained- it needs to wander into possibility and fantasy. It closes down when there’s no escape route in sight.

I process best when I have a safe place to express emotionally, and the space to do so.

It’s one of the reasons that I have to schedule time to be away from everyone for short periods of time- Pisces can seriously be that porous that it’s too easy to absorb the mood of others. The boundaries where you end and I start can be so thin as to be almost invisible. This is why, from time to time, I’ll disappear from Facebook. I absolutely have to.

When on conference, I try and choose accommodation away from the group and have me time before and after sessions. It’s the only way that I can make sense of what I’ve learnt.

I know my brain, and its’ weaknesses. I know that left to my own devices I’ll drift from project to project. It’s why I work best to deadline. Even though I self-publish my fiction, I pre-set delivery deadlines with my editor- and make sure that I stick to them.

There is no doubt that Mercury in Pisces works differently to Mercury in other signs. But that’s what it is- different…not better and absolutely not worse.

There’s a lot about us that frustrates those with Mercury in more classic Mercury signs.

  • There’s the way we flit from subject to subject and somehow end up where we were in the first place.
  • There’s the way we can have conversations with other water Mercuries where very little is said, but much is understood.
  • There’s the way we disappear into our own head to the extent that we can play out an entire situation and believe that’s the way that it is.
  • There’s the way that we don’t necessarily want to talk about those feelings that are most important to us, because it’s inconceivable to us that you really don’t know how we’re feeling- after all, we probably know how you’re feeling…it’s already become part of us.
  • There’s the way that you can hurt us with your “honest” feedback- you may have already forgotten, but it’s now part of us- we can’t separate from the words.
  • There’s the way we vacillate or delay when making personal decisions- not because we can’t, but we’re fighting with what our head says and our heart feels…and we could also be trying to separate what we want from what we’ve absorbed from you.

Other water Mercuries “get” this. Air Mercuries, in particular, struggle with the idea of it…or should that read the no idea of it?

As Mercury moves into Pisces tonight, we’ll all have to deal with a little of this. My best advice? Don’t fight it, go with the flow. Allow your thoughts to drift in whichever direction they choose- even if right now none of it seems rational. For now it’s about imagination and possibility. Wherever Pisces is in your chart is where you need to look reality in the eye and then deny its existence.

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