Mercury in Gemini: Knower of Stuff


Despite having the worst Mercury in history, I have always been pretty good with closeting away pointless pieces of trivia in my head. When I was studying, quotes would always come out of wherever they had been hiding in my head and onto the blank paper just when I needed them. The other afternoon most of the Hamlet To Be or Not To Be soliloquy just came out of my mouth when Sarah needed an example of what a poetic monologue is.

As for remembering song lyrics, well, I am your girl! Just don’t have me on your trivia team when it comes to movies and geography….but I am good on history and literature….and Australian cricket questions… and can still recite (when under the influence) the full team list of the 1980 Grand Final winning Canterbury rugby league team. I admit, it helps that my 13 year old self was running a it of a schoolyard trade at the time in football cards and knew the relative trading value of each player.

In fact, at a last seasons’ football trivia night, not only did I know the answer to the question “what song did they play on the TV show Neighbours for when Scott & Charlene walked down the aisle back in 1987?” (Suddenly by Angry Anderson- who explored his sensitive side in true Aussie bloke style without moving his lips), but got bonus points for remembering the title of the song that Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue from her singing budgie days) recorded together in 1989 (Especially For You– with some rather janky shots of Sydney Harbour)… Although if I had admitted that both songs are on my ipod somewhere I may have lost points for the shame of it! To be honest, I am still wondering why no one has re-done it…Especially For You, that is…

I don’t know the crud that is in my head because I want to know it- I know it because my Mercury learns through feeling and osmosis. I don’t really want to learn it all, I just sort of absorb without trying- I always have done. I don’t ask many questions, because I really don’t have the time or inclination to faff around with things that I can simply accept. If you want to tell me, sure I’ll listen…and no doubt it will end up somewhere in the recesses of my brain.

Gemini, on the other hand, knows stuff because he really wants to know it. It isn’t that he is necessarily intellectual, just that he likes to connect information and put it all together to make a message. He learns because he wants to learn it. Nothing is too trivial or seemingly unimportant to be below the notice of Gemini…one never knows when information can come in handy. When Gemini questions, he does so because he is really interested in the answers. He wants the details because they could be important.

I’m doing this 12 week body transformation thing at the moment (yet another attempt to change some of my really shitty habits). Now I sort of figure that I will look at the plan, follow the rules, and change stuff around within it (hey, what can I say, I am pretty darned Uranian and don’t do well with being told exactly what to do).

Essentially, we are following a 1200 calorie real food plan with plenty of protein, and good quality low GI carbohydrates, and a lot of training. So, I figure if I stick to those guidelines I should be OK. If, however, I was Gemini, I might be asking questions with more detail- perhaps around how much water we should drink or whether it is OK to swap tuna for salmon or whether it is best to train in the morning before or after breakfast. All valid and important questions, but stuff that it wouldn’t occur to me to ask- I will just run on the back of the answers they are given!

Which is why when I needed information early this week about Christmas in Bali, I called the Gemini I called when I wanted the low down on Bali back in February. When I needed some information about Mac computers, I called the same Gemini. (Sending out a great big thankyou to RED …you know who you are…).

Gemini…Knower of Stuff.

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