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Mercury in Cancer

Settle back children, while I tell you a story…

On the edge of the woods in a country far far away stood a village.

In the village lived a hunter, his wife and their four sons. The wife was growing their fifth child in her belly, growing bigger by the day.

One day, the hunter left for the woods. Before he left, he kissed his wife and his sons goodbye and whispered to each of them, ‘never forget me.’

That night the hunter didn’t come home.

The four sons set off into the woods to search for him.

Eventually though, each became concerned about their mother at home alone – so close to her term – so they left the woods without finding him.

The weeks flew by and the hunter’s wife gave birth to a healthy son.

The baby grew, and life went on – much as it did before the hunter disappeared.

Soon the baby crawled. Then he walked. The day came when he started to speak. From his mouth came these words:

‘Where is my father?’

His brothers and his mother were horrified. They had forgotten.

The following day, the four older sons went back into the woods. This time they found him – a pile of bleached bones in the centre of a clearing in the darkest part of the forest.

The oldest son said, ‘it is lucky I was apprenticed to a bone-setter,’ and laid out the bones in order until they were in the correct format.

The second son said, ‘it is lucky I was apprenticed to a healer.’ He gathered herbs and mixed them with sap from a tree until they resembled a paste. He smeared the paste over the bones and muscles, tendons and cartilage began to appear.

The third son said, ‘it is lucky that I was apprenticed to a different type of healer.’ He gathered flowers and moss and ground them into a dust that he sprinkled over his father’s remains. Skin grew over the muscles, nails formed on his toes and fingers, his eye sockets filled with eyeballs, and hair grew where it was supposed to grow.

What now lay before the sons was their father’s corpse.

The fourth son said, ‘it is lucky that I was apprenticed to a magician.’ He fashioned a wand from a tree and cast a spell, blowing softly onto his father’s face. As he did, the hunter’s lungs filled with air and his body became warm.

Soon the hunter sat up, rubbed his eyes, looked at his boys and said, ‘where have I been?’

‘You’ve been dead,’ they replied, ‘but we brought you back to life.’

Over the next six months the hunter regained his strength, and as he did, he began carving a walking stick.

The stick told the story of his journey and everyone admired it.

His wife asked, ‘what will you do with the stick, my love?’

He responded, ‘I will give it to the son who played the biggest role in bringing me back to life.’

‘Which son will you give it to?’ she asked.

‘The youngest,’ he replied. ‘He never forgot me, and in remembering me, he allowed me to live again.’

In remembering his father, the youngest son began the process of re-membering him.

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A Mercury in Cancer fairy tale, as told by Daniel Morden to Richard Fidler on a podcast…all errors and embellishments are mine.

Mercury will be in Cancer until July 6, 2017

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I lost my little cat on the weekend – took him to the vets, thought he would come home with me a couple of day later when he was better, but he didn’t get better. This story was some comfort to me. Remembering him and his little cat face and his snuggles, I know he’ll alway be with me. Thank you 🙂

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