Mercury in Aquarius…

Mercury moves into Aquarius today.

Yeah, so what? I hear you say. I’m not an Aquarian, you say, so it can’t affect me.

Yeah…nah. The thing is, the movement of the planets provides the planetary or astro weather forecast for all of us. That means that like it or not, Aquarian or not, for the few weeks that Mercury is in Aquarius, whatever part of your chart is ruled by Aquarius will be where you start to ask more questions, look for more knowledge, want to know stuff. It’s also a good few weeks to do some future planning, get your head around the latest and greatest app or social media platform and to have that relationship talk that you’ve been needing to have. Actually, I lied about the last one. It’s not a great time at all to do communication that is deep and meaningful in nature. Wait for Mercury in Pisces for that – and bring tissues….just saying.

Want to know more? Of course you do. Duck over and have a look at last year’s post. The link is here.

Mercury will be in Aquarius until February 26.