mercury Retrograde

Mercury- how to survive the retrograde…

Clipboard with Checklist and Red Pen

It’s the last day of school holidays, and although my routine is out of order, I’m extremely grateful to have been able to spend the last 3 weeks with Miss 15.

Two years ago, that wasn’t the case. In those days I was away during the holidays or busy during the holidays or focused on meetings and conference calls and whatever else.

Back then I had no choice but to prioritise the stuff that was really important. I’ve since found that these skills help me get through Mercury retrograde periods. It provides a contingency that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

I used to beat myself up, in truth, very often I still do, but the fact of the matter is, when I was on the road, there was no way I could manage everything, stay on top of everything- not properly.

I tried- to answer every email, solve every problem, manage every domestic issue, stay on top of school and social requirements. What stressed me more was not the fact that I couldn’t do it all, but the nagging feeling that if I was any good I would be doing it all.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because the Moon is in Virgo, and this is one of those times when we might beat ourselves up for not staying on top of it all, for things not being as perfect as we’d like them to be.

My tip?

Make a list, a short one. All that needs to be on it are the things that you absolutely have to do. Not the things that you think you should do or the things that other people expect you to do, but the things that absolutely must be done. Today. Or, the week ahead- what ever works best for you.

Write it in heavy black marker and put it somewhere you can see it.

Then when things get on top of you, when you start to stress that you’re not getting enough done, that you’re not across everything, take it out and remind yourself what’s really important right now.

When you’ve finished what’s on that list, then you can have a fist pump moment before moving to the next priority level.

If you keep it achievable, if crap does hit the fan, you’re still in good shape.