May Horoscopes…for High Heels & Hangovers…


They’re here…and they’re late…again…


Have a great month…


Life: Action planet Mars is in your sign until May 12. If you haven’t been using this as a personal energy reboot- you have a couple of weeks to get moving.

Love: Venus moves into your communication zone from May 8. Is there something you need to say?

Money: Mars will be energising your money zone from May 12- June 25. Use the first few weeks of this to review your spending patterns and budgets.

Career: Opportunities could be starting to open up right now. Don’t think about them for too long, but take care to read the fine-print.



Life: Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde for 3 weeks from May 19. Back up everything, watch your health, and keep your schedule flexible.

Love: Mars moves into your sign from May 13. This is like a personal energy reboot. Mars also is about desire…you know what I’m saying? Go for it.

Money: Venus moves into your money zone from May 8. If you’ve been going to invest in a new look, put it off no longer.

Career: Keep an eye on business communications for the next few weeks- and triple check that “cc” or “reply all” option before pressing send.



Life: The New Moon on 18 May is your annual reminder to check in on your goals, hopes and dreams.

Love: Love planet Venus is in your sign from May 8. This could be like the good hair day fairy spending a whole month with you. Make the most of it.

Money: Consider carefully any schemes offered to you right now, and read the fine-print carefully. It’s ok if you are tempted, just be sure not to over-spend or over-commit.

Career: Open your mind to the possibility of new friendships this month. The people you meet and organisations you join could help with your long-term ambitions.



Life: If things had been stagnating, you could find that now you have a million things (ok, I exaggerate slightly) to choose from- if they all come to fruition. Don’t panic, and don’t say no…let it happen.

Love: Don’t be surprised if an old acquaintance reappears this month. Enjoy the catch up, but don’t be disappointed if the reappearance is a brief one.

Money: If you’re tempted by any major purchases, try to delay until after June 10. If you have to proceed, read the fine-print and return policy at least twice…

Career: The New Moon on May 18 is an opportunity to re-set goals and intentions around your career. Keep all options open at this point.



Life: Try not to get too hung up on your schedule this month. Double check all appointments, and be prepared to change them- without notice.

Love: Venus is moving through your friendship zone this month. It’s time to relax a little. You know what they say about all work and no play.

Money: The usual warning applies for Mercury retrograde: avoid large or technology purchases if possible until after June 10. There are no rules about spending to go out with friends though…just take care not to over-spend.

Career: Mars energises your career zone until 25 June. Read the contracts (carefully), but don’t lose sight of the big picture as you analyse the details or you’ll miss your opportunity.



Life: Have you been planning a trip? Perhaps thinking about a course of study? With Mars energising this part of your life, it’s a great time to do it.

Love: Don’t dismiss the relationships you form in the office- they could help you get ahead as well as help you get through the day.

Money: Use the energy of the New Moon on May 18 to set (or re-set) goals and intentions around money. How long has it been since your budget was balanced?

Career: With Venus moving through your career zone in May, your work environment could seem sweeter.



Life: If you’re on holidays or start a new course of study in May, congratulations, you’ve planned it well. You need a break, and this is a good time to take one.

Love: May 18’s New Moon falls in your relationship zone. It’s time to take stock of your relationships, and your relating habits. Is there anything that needs tweaking? Something that needs trying?

Money: Mars is energising your investment zone from 13 May. You could be looking at a major purchase or investment. If so, take care to read all the contracts and fine-print before proceeding, and don’t over-commit.

Career: Opportunities that had stagnated could be starting to move again. It could involve change, but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed.



Life: If there’s been some habits that you know you need to do something about- and I think you know what I’m saying- set your intentions around the New Moon on May 18.

Love: Don’t be surprised if an old love makes a reappearance in your dreams or in your life. Ghosts of relationships past- so to speak. Before jumping back in, check the relationship fine-print.

Money: There could be more coming in that going out this month- unless it’s going out so lovely things can come through the door. Either way, it’s ok- just don’t blow the budget.

Career: Keep an eye on your business communications and think twice, or even three times, before blurting something out that possible would have been better not being said. Just saying…



Life: How long has it been since you played? If you’ve been neglecting the creative side of yourself in favour of the more practical business of life, set aside some time this month to express yourself artistically.

Love: Venus is moving through your relationship zone this month. You’re welcome.

Money: If possible delay any technology purchases until after June 10. If not, read the plans carefully.

Career: Take a good look at your work routines- are you managing downwards as well as you manage up?



Life: If you’ve been putting off a little home decorating, a new cushion or three…or a new flatmate… May is a good month to do something about it.

Love: It could feel as though there are some false starts or mixed messages this month. Try not to get too hung up on plans for tomorrow when you could be enjoying tonight.

Money: It comes in, it goes out. Not much more I can say this month!

Career: Responsibilities might feel like they weigh a little less this month- or things happen a little easier. Either way, use it to get more done.



Life: If you feel as though you’re stuck in the same old routine, try mixing up something small- maybe change your route to work or your lunch order. You could be surprised at the flexibility that brings.

Love: There are definitely opportunities for fun and games as Venus wanders through your play and creative zone this month. Take care not to take it all too seriously.

Money: You could be tempted to make wholesale changes around the home this month. Think carefully through all options before outlaying cash on a scheme that you might wind up regretting.

Career: Opportunities that had seemed to be stalled might have been picking up steam over the last couple of weeks. Keep your eye on the horizon and be ready to say “yes”.



Life: Take care not to get too carried away with Plan A without thinking about what Plan B or C could look like.

Love: Things might finally feel as though they’re settling down at home. Rather than going out, why not try throwing a dinner party, or catching up with friends and family?

Money: The New Moon on May 18 is your annual reminder to check in on your budget and financial goals. Sure it’s a pain, but it’s also necessary.

Career: It’s often a good idea to read emails all the way through to the end- even when your eyes have glazed over after the first paragraph. With Mercury retrograde this month, it’s especially important to read and listen carefully- even to the silences.