Mars, but not as you know it…

In traditional astrology, planets have strength or dignity in each sign by rulership, term and face.

Rulership is obviously the most essential dignity, and is the sign where the planet is most effective- where he is on his home turf, with his own support systems. A real home ground advantage, if you like.

Each sign is divided up into another 5 portions (it’s different for each sign) with one of the traditional planets ruling each. This planet is said to be the “term” ruler of that part of the sign.

As an example, Mercury is the term ruler for the first 6 degrees 59’ of Virgo, so the Sun (currently at 1 Virgo) has a real Mercurian flavor about it.

Mercury at 15 Leo is in the term ruled by Saturn, so has a more structured feel to communications for these few degrees.

Then each sign is divided into 3 even sections, with a planet ruling each of these by “face”. This is a minor strength, but still a dignity.

Mars, though, for the first almost 7 degrees of Scorpio has dignity in all of these and, for the first 10 degrees dignity by rulership and face. That means that Mars for the first almost 7 degrees of Scorpio is even stronger and more effective than when he is in the rest of Scorpio. This is concentrated Mars at his absolute best.

This is Mars capable of leaping tall buildings, or smashing through them. This is Mars capable of world domination, or at least control of the next meeting outcome. This is serious energy.

The Moon is there today as well, so listen to what your deepest instincts are telling you and you won’t go wrong.