Many Happy Returns


It’s review time.

It’s my Solar Return today (my birthday is tomorrow), so, as I do every year, it’s time to check out the year in reference to last years Solar Return.

And what a Taurus year it was.

Taurus Ascendant can be prone to eight gain, and I certainly did that successfully!

It was a year where I sorted through issues associated with self resourcing and budgeting. For the first time in many years, actually, for the first time ever, I planned and set long range one foot after the other goals.

I discovered a love of walking, and completed the first of those goals the other week when I did the Routeburn Track. It was also a year of consolidation.

As I anticipated, it was a busy 11th house year, with my networks and interests crossing all sorts of virtual borders.

That 2nd house Jupiter brought an abundance of abundance…not necessarily riches…but hey there was more good than bad, so I can’t complain about that!

Now to 2014/15.

I read the Solar Return chart as a chart in it’s own right and in comparison to my birth chart (below):


What sign is the Ascendant in?

This year my SR Ascendant is in Cancer. Concerns around security and family matters are already being brought to the surface. Some home improvements (running repairs would be a more accurate description) are also on the list.

There is a feeling that this year will be one of consolidation.

With Cancer on the Ascendant, this year will be more emotional in nature than last year was. With the Moon also in Cancer and on the Ascendant, this is a year where I’ll be wearing my heart on my sleeve…literally- and yes, more than I usually do.

Check out the ruler of the Ascendant

The Moon is the ruler of my Ascendant this year…nice.

The Moon is conjunct the SR Ascendant and Jupiter- newly direct and exalted in Cancer. Naturally I’m choosing to believe that this year my romance/ chick lit novel will be picked up. Yes?

What House is the SR Sun in?
This is the area of life that is most in focus for the next 12 months. Mine is in the 8th. Great. Luckily I’m ok with 8th house, Pluto and Scorpio energy, but I suspect that might be tried out this year.

What part of life is being brought to the Ascendant?

Which natal house is being brought to the Ascendant? In my case the SR Asc is at 16 Cancer, which falls just inside my natal 4th house- almost at the cusp of the 5th. Home, family and emotional security will be my focuses this year.

What aspects are made by the Sun?

The Sun is trine the Moon and Saturn. There’s also a wide-ish trine to Jupiter. Sun/Moon bodes well from a health and vitality viewpoint- as well as a social one. I have Sun trine Moon, and Sun trine Jupiter natally, so it’s also a reinforcement of those positive thinking qualities in my chart.

Sun trine Jupiter is usually favourable- especially if I’ve done the hard yards leading up to this solar return. If I have, I can expect to reap the rewards of it.

Sun trine Saturn will help me brings some structure, organization, and practicality to the year. I’m starting it all off with a return (albeit a brief return) to a corporate environment.

It all forms a Grand Trine and, as we know of Grand Trines, often they result in undelivered potential…which is why I’m also pleased to see some squares in the solar return chart.

Where is the SR Moon?

This year it is in Cancer. It’s in the 1st and it’s conjunct the Ascendant, Jupiter, trine the Sun and Saturn and opposite Pluto. Opposite Pluto, I hear you exclaim in horror! It’s ok, I have that aspect natally. It will, however bring intensity, will and the fortitude to deal with some of the emotional stuff that I suspect is coming.

Are there any planets on the angles of the SR chart?

Yes…the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto.

Check out also:

Much as you would a normal chart, are the planets scattered or concentrated in one hemisphere of the chart.

This year the solar return chart is a bucket shape. The key to the bucket is the handle- in this case, Moon and Jupiter. I suspect the key to dealing with a 1st house Solar Return Moon is one of emotional detachment, but with Jupiter there, I’m suspecting things could get a tad over the top.

Much as you would a natal chart check out the position and condition of planets ruling your money house or relationship houses.

Even though this is essentially a transit chart, it is still interesting to see. The Sun rules the 2nd and is in the 8th house. I have an idea how this might transpire, but either way, money is a theme. Saturn rules my relationship sector. As hubby is in the middle of some Saturn work stuff, I also have an idea how this one will transpire too…and they are related!

In the same vein, check out the ruler of the Midheaven.

It’s Venus, in Aquarius in the 7th and makes no in sign aspects..

Are any planets or points in the natal chart brought to angles in the SR Chart?


Are any planets or points in the degree of the nodes?


Are any planets or points in the critical degrees of a sign? Ie 0 or 29?


A Different Sort of Time Lord- Annual Profections & the Solar Return

(For a recap, check out the link to last years post.)

So this year, on my (gulp) 47th birthday, I have moved into a 12th house or Aquarius profected year. This means that Saturn, as the ruler of Aquarius, is my “Time Lord” for the year. This planet will be sensitive to giving and receiving transits and progressions over the coming 12 months. The concerns of this planet will be important this year. Wow- this is time for me to get serious!

Examine the condition of the Time Lord in the natal chart

Time Lord (Ruling planet of profected house) Saturn
Profected House 12th
Houses ruled by the Time Lord in the natal chart 11th and 12th
House Time Lord occupies in the natal chart 1st house
  • Condition of the Time Lord in the natal chart: Saturn in Aries is in the sign of his fall. Aries likes quick results and Saturn likes long term strategies involving hard work. The 1st house does give it accidental dignity though.
  • Examine the condition of the Time Lord in the Solar Return Chart: Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio and is trine the Moon and Sun and square Mercury.
  • Which house in the natal chart does 11 Scorpio (the position of the Time Lord in the SR chart) fall? This is the natal 8th house.
  • Does the position of the Time Lord in the SR chart form an aspect to the natal position of the Time Lord? By sign is enough. No.
  • Look at the strength of the Time Lord in the SR chart. The better the condition, the more ability the planet has to act on your side in the coming year- even if it is a malefic like Saturn.
  • Is it in a sign where it has dignity through rulership or exaltation (see the table in last years post). No.
  • Does it have accidental dignity ie does it have more strength by being close to the angles or the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses? Yes, in the 4th.
  • Is it retrograde? Yes.
  • Is it combust ie does it fall within 8.5 degrees of the Sun? There is no greater affliction as the planet is said to be blinded & unable to see clearly. No.
  • Is it cazimi ie with 17’ from being exactly conjunct the Sun? This is, in contrast, as really good thing as the planet is considered to be in the heart of the king. Note, to be either combust or cazimi, it must be in the same sign as the Sun. No.
  • Is the Time Lord aspected by either of the malefics (Mars or Saturn) or the benefics (Venus or Jupiter)? By sign is enough. Trine Jupiter by sign, square Venus by sign.
  • Aspects to the Nodes. Any time the SR Time Lord conjoins the natal nodal axis is a big year.

What else?

I have my eye very firmly on that 2nd house Jupiter in my solar return…and hoping it will bring 2nd house abundance!