Man in the Mirror: Saturn Transits of the Ascendant

This came through in the search fields the other day- made an interesting change from all the Taurus man cheating questions…

Saturn is conjunct my ascendant and making me ugly

OK, Saturn can’t make anyone ugly…but it can & often does make us feel ugly! During a recent Saturn/Ascendant opposition I invested very heavily in anti-wrinkle creams for all the extra lines that just turned up in my mirror overnight.

Saturn/ Ascendant contacts are hard- they are all designed to “encourage” us to grow up or take responsibility for ourselves. The 1st house is all about body and appearance, so you will quite literally start to feel your age. As with all Saturn transits, the first thing you will notice is fear or a feeling that you are being confronted with something that you just don’t want to acknowledge or get real about. In this case, it may be what you are seeing in the mirror. You haven’t changed, but this transit will, at least temporarily, be one where your self confidence is lacking.

When Saturn is aspecting the ascendant you may find your first wrinkle, may notice the grey more in your hair, or the way you can no longer wear a colour you previously liked successfully. You may finally decide that silver shimmery eye shadow now rests in that little wrinkle in your eyelid…and decide to wear it anyway!

The whole idea of the lesson is for you to see yourself clearly as you are- all steps in the grand scheme to develop inner strength and an identity based on reality and not external validation. Having said that, many astrologers see Saturn 1st house transits as “skinny” ones as you may start diets or health kicks- but this may depend on the position and strength of your natal Saturn.  

On the other hand, Saturn 1st house transits may make you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, with tiredness and exhaustion to match…neither of which will assist in making you feel better about yourself.

Which brings me neatly to the real purpose of 1st house Saturn transits- that of restructuring yourself. When Saturn crosses the ascendant it signals a time where you start to turn your attentions inwards after 14 years of concentrating on your relationships with others.

As with all Saturn transits, you are asked to get rid of something that you no longer need, but of course you must first become aware that there is something in your life which can be got rid of. So, gaze in the mirror if you will, but also take the time to really get to know yourself, you might be surprised how different you are from what others think you are.

If your Ascendant or Sun is in Libra, this is for you…

I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Lyrics from “Man in the Mirror”, by Michael Jackson

5 Replies to “Man in the Mirror: Saturn Transits of the Ascendant”

  1. Hi,
    I have a 12th house sun in Virgo, with Virgo ascendant so will the transit of Saturn through my 1st house Libra be any different than for a Libra/Libra ascendant, and if so, how (and why)?

  2. Hi Sabine, yes and no. I find it useful to read the post for both your ascendant and your Sun sign. With a 12th house Virgo Sun, I would hazard a guess that self confidence is possibly something that you struggle with constantly- that and a balance between your relationship with your self and how much you give to others. The next post in this series will also be important to you as well as part of what Saturn in Libra will be doing is looking at your relationship to those things which are important to you- your values, possessions and the way in which you unwind.

  3. Saturn through my first made me get realistic about my appearance and about aging. It made me take definitive steps toward getting in shape (my 1st house is Virgo/Libra). I have gotten older under this transit. The skin on my face thinned out some. At the beginning of the transit I got my 1st gray hair too.

  4. I so know what you are saying Michelle. When Saturn last went through my 1st I was pregnant- talk about growing up and getting real. My daughter was born just after he moved into the 2nd- again getting real about values…next post!

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