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Lunas Saturnas…and a dead fish

Wellington New Zealand, Pic by me.
Wellington New Zealand, Pic by me.

Today was sort of weird. Half party atmosphere, half hard work. And that makes sense given that the Moon moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn during the day.

We had allocated today as the day that those of us who are left in the office would do the whole all hands on deck to clean up the detritus of 10 years in the same office. And it is amazing the crap that we found and laughed about and threw out.

What was more amazing was to see the things that had caused us huge amounts of stress over the years consigned to a recycling bin without a seconds thought.

I found a photo of TTM (Taller Than Me) that I had pinned up in my little partition soon after we moved into this building. She was 2 or 3 and had that baby softness and ringlets in her hair, but the same big dimply smile. On my Facebook status I used the hashtag #beenheretoolong.

Other finds were not quite so endearing. Such as the tiny silver fish that had gone missing from the tank while I was in Brisbane earlier this year, with grave fears held for his safety. Yep, found it today. Eeeeeuw.

So, Lunas Saturnas…the Capricorn Moon. Arguably the most melancholic and depressing Moon of the month- and more so if you don’t have a good relationship with Saturn. For those of you attuned to Saturn and Capricorn, it is a perfect time to get stuck in and get things done.

Capricorn is above all else about accomplishment, experience and hard won respect. The Goat is at his most secure and comfortable at the top of a mountain- the sort of mountain that lesser mortals look at, shake their heads, ask if there is a another way up or a road or something. Yet, the mountain goat will clamber up, one cloven foot after another. That sort of effort and dedication deserves respect.

The Capricorn Moon knows that anything worth doing is worth working for- without short cuts, without catch-ups. Just well planned and executed goals and strategy.

The next few days are perfect for this sort of activity- anything involving planning, strategic focus, networking and work. If you have anything that you feel needs some extra worry or a good dose of pessimism, the next few days is great for that too.

The photo I have used in this post was taken from the top of a mountain in Wellington, New Zealand. The friend I stayed with recently did a run of almost 30kms across mountains very similar to this. Achievement and respect personified…. but also a touch of Piscean madness thrown in.