Lots of Pluto things and a little too much information

Pluto purge? A dam outside of Valencia. Pic by Daniel.
Pluto purge? A dam outside of Valencia. Pic by Daniel.

Far from the optimism of yesterday, I woke this morning feeling decidedly seedy, exhausted and absolutely over it…whatever “it” is.

After moving hotels for the final few nights (there was a Blasting & Drilling Conference on at the Novotel & seriously I would prefer not to be staying in a hotel full of demolition experts) last night was spent in absolute luxury. So my annoyance at firstly being woken at midnight by an alarm buzzer and then at 4.30am with worries associated with the job I am here for was purely over wasting such a lush bed.

Pluto/Moon brought with it a seething anger and a purging of an entirely different and stomach related sort (too much information?). Pluto is still playing games with my natal Mars (in Scorpio) and Mercury (in Pisces), so Pluto/Moon each month sets off my Mars beautifully, with resultant communication of the “are you sure you want to faff with me today?” style. With Jupiter and Uranus feeding into the aspects, my temper today was explosive (Pluto), over the top (Jupiter), irrational and unexpected (Uranus) and passionate (Mars). Actually, drilling and blasting is a very Pluto thing to do…

A purge of a more productive nature on the treadmill has brought the mood back into a level of rationality (sweat is so incredibly purifying)- at least enough for me to string more than three words together without punctuation that Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

Moon/Pluto contacts have a Scorpionic element about them- one associated with elimination, controlled power, detoxification, purification and purging. How you deal withy this energy depends on the contacts it makes to your natal chart and whether you are attuned to this energy from birth eg I have Moon-Pluto opposition natally, so “get” it…if you have a Scorpio Moon, you will be much the same.

We have a Full Moon just after 4pm Sydney time tomorrow at 22 Capricorn/Cancer. More on that one tomorrow morning.

The photo today is another taken from my BMF in Valencia. Seriously a Pluto purge…

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  1. wow. that’s got to be at least a part of what is going on as i am simply seeeeething today for no really good reason. this simmering rage that i just wrote about on a different site but deleted because it was, like, oh my god, that’s just tooooo much. at any rate, helped to vent a little. and as your treadmill helped some so did my spin on the bike last night; actually got some decent sleep. but still, i feel like i am tick-tick-ticking.

    people talking, people around me, phone calls, emails, little noises, EVERYthing is setting me off.

    damn good thing it’s vacation time. get on the road, drive through the vast quiet desert toward the texas hill country where i’ll do not much but sit in the river and let it soothe me.

    i am a timebomb right now.

    my pluto moon and scorp mars definitely activated, along with God knows what else.

    finding this helps. thanks.




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