Daily Planets

Lost for words…


I’m lost for words.

My words have gone.

Not here, and not on my other blog, but in every other way that matters, my words have gone. I wrote about it here.

I’m hoping that with Mercury in Taurus, my words have just been hanging out on the lounge watching re runs of The West Wing and other peoples good writing. I’ve been hoping that they’ve just been taking it a little easy.

I have Neptune wafting around the edges of natal Mercury, but this is more impacting my imagination- which is running overtime- than my words. I’ll write more about this later, but Neptune conjunct (natal) Mercury is sending my dreams well into mini series mode.

It also has me waiting for calls that aren’t coming, and is sending my intuition into overdrive. I’m finding that extremely uncomfortable, as I’m getting messages about others, possibly for others, and I can’t seem to shut it out. And yes, I know that I shouldn’t be, trying to shut it out, but I’m still vainly trying to grasp control of what’s in my head.…I’m rambling now.

My brain is still working well enough to blitz last weeks football trivia night, but I’m finding everything else is seriously Neptunian.

Anyways, Mercury is about to move into Gemini, the sign that it rules. And that’s a Good Thing. I’m hoping that it will kick the arse of the words that are lolling lazily in my brain being fed on comfort food, and will allow them to, if not make their way out of my throat, then at least out of my fingers onto the keyboard.

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