Look…some books…

Pile of books one opened, copy space

So anyways, I mentioned the other day that I’m cleaning out my bookshelves.

Given that my shelves are all double stacked, it’s something that’s well overdue. I have multiple bookshelves all looking a little like the one below.


The art catalogues and books have been donated to the art department at school, I’m parcelling up a heap of fiction to go- I’ll try lifeline, aged care centres or local book fairs…if you have other ideas, please let me know… Even my beloved cookbooks will be culled. Gulp. Yes, really. Miss 17 has told me that I don’t have enough years left to cook from all of them. Sadly, unless I live to 289, she’s probably right. As a result, I’ll be offering these as giveaways under the same conditions on and anyways over the next few weeks.

I had a mini clean-out of astro books this time last year- keeping anything I wasn’t sure about getting rid of. This time, I’m being more ruthless & if I haven’t opened it in 12 months, it’s on the list.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to make money from them and I don’t want the hassle of listing them. Instead, I’m happy to offer them to anyone who wants to take them off my hands- for the cost of postage alone. If you feel so inclined, it would be lovely if you could pay it forward- whether that be a gift to a charity of your choice, a helping hand to someone who needs it, or a coffee for the person in the line behind you- it’s entirely up to you. It’s also entirely up to you whether you do anything at all.

These giveaways have a nasty habit of turning nasty and can cause more trouble than it would have been to list for an auction, so here’s the dealio:

  • I’ll pop a list up on the website. If you’re interested in a title, please email me at [email protected]
  • Please do not attempt to leave a comment on the post, or comment on the Facebook page. I’ll only be responding to emails and it will be based on first in best dressed- and that means timestamped emails.
  • I’ll respond once a day, so please please please don’t be upset if you miss out. There are heaps to choose from.
  • Given the cost of posting outside of Australia, this offer is only open to Australian residents. Please don’t ask me to make any exceptions.
  • Postage will be in prepaid Auspost satchels- $8.25 for smaller books & weights up to 500g, $13.40 for books up to 3kgs
  • Naturally, I’ll combine postage where they comfortably fit.
  • If you’re in Sydney, can somehow make it out to the Hills (you’ll need to drive- public transport is crapola) and are prepared to fit in with my schedule, you can collect from my home. If this is you, please let me know when you email me.
  • Please allow up to a week to get your items- I’m seriously chaotic at the best of times
  • All books are second hand- some are third hand. I suspect a few are fourth or fifth hand.Most have had pages cornered, some have the remnants of underlines from previous owners. Some have not been opened ever.
  • I won’t be individually listing synopses or blurbs- it will be title and author only…it’s up to you to google any additional information.

I’ll have the first list up on the blog at 10am on Thursday morning, and will schedule a list each day at 10am until they’re gone… First up will be tarot and palmistry, followed by traditional astrology, and so on.

At the end of this process, I’ll let you know what I hung onto…

Fingers crossed this works!