Look at Me, Look at Me

Mars in Leo

Me Me Me (and Pic by me)
Me Me Me (and Pic by me)

Yesterday was all about Me. Me, Me, Me, Me. Nobody else. And with Mars moving into Leo, that is exactly as it should be.

After getting back in touch with my trusty, but sadly neglected, SLR while on recent holidays, it occurred to me that whilst I had taken some good shots of other people’s cities, I had taken none of my own recently. Part of that has been a time factor and part of it is actually my rather complicated relationship to the city I live in.

I was born in Sydney and, after moving around to various NSW country towns, did my final year of High School in Sydney and my degree at Sydney University. I then left… as quickly as I could, and spent the next few years in Canberra- where I met my husband.

Sydney called again 17 years ago and we moved here for work reasons. Our daughter was born here, my birth family lives here, we have a great life here.  I have never felt as if I belonged here. The other week I was in Melbourne and felt like I was coming home. But as a born and bred Sydney-sider, to say that is sacrilegious!

I see Sydney as I would see a beautiful and flashy diva of a sister. The type that you love, because she is family; the one that only you can criticise, because she is family; but that you have to admit you wouldn’t be friends with by choice. That makes sense to me in a weird sort of way. (And, for my sisters, before you think I am talking about you & go complaining to Mum, your egos are safe!)

And Sydney is undeniably gorgeous. The Diva that she is was gleaming under the spotlight of yesterdays glorious sunshine. It was as if she was saying in true Kath & Kim style “Look at moie, Look at moie.”

Sydney Harbour (Pic by me)
Sydney Harbour (Pic by me)

So, in true Mars in Leo style, I lunched at the Opera Bar, and over a glass of Tasmanian bubbles, decided that Sydney Harbour is truly the most beautiful one there is, the Jacaranda is truly the most beautiful blue-y purple in nature, and that I would love to be cruising away on Rhapsody of the Seas which was moored at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Opera Bar (Pic by me)
Opera Bar (Pic by me)

Because this is an astrology blog, naturally I also contemplated what Mars in Leo means (actually, I am lying about that, but it seemed like a good way to seamlessly segue way into this topic).

Mars is a hot and dry planet, so likes to create energy and activity. In Cancer (a cold and wet sign), it felt like it was trying to push through mud. Quite frankly, thats what many of us did feel like- particularly if you are a Fire sign, or have a strong Martian presence (eg Aries or Scorpio Rising).  Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a Fire sign. Mars in Leo very much relishes the hotter conditions, and the opportunity to shine.

Mars in Leo is exciting, passionate, charismatic and committed. In Aries, Mars’ energy is in sparking creative energy, in Leo, it is all about the follow through- in more ways than one (if you know what I mean, wink wink). His energy lasts longer, creates excitement, and ensures admiration. OK, Mars in Leo is also egotistical and sometimes arrogant, but seriously, whats not to like?  The energy, excitement and sheer romance of Mars in Leo draws admirers into the flame despite their own better judgment. The strong and steady sex drive doesn’t hurt either- although the temper, of tantrum like proportions, often can!

Men with Mars in Leo will woo their partners in the old fashioned romantic sense of the word with gifts, bling and dramatic flair. This is real courtier type behaviour. Whereas Mars In Aries is focused on the quick win, Mars in Leo wants it all to last- the romance is a very vital part of it and the way in which love is expressed.

Women with Mars in Leo need to be treated like a Queen. They will be drawn to partners who show Leo characteristics- charismatic and admired by others. They like to bask in reflected glory and be proud of who they are with.  This woman will be attracted to a partner who is warm, generous and loyal.

Mars is going to be In Leo for around 8 months, including a lengthy retrograde period from mid December through to early March. He will not enter Virgo until early June 2010. Take a look at where Mars is in your chart, the house/s which Mars rules and also which house/s are covered by Leo. These will all be areas of focused and energised activity. Leo represents creativity, self expression and the things we give birth to- physically and symbolically, Mars is energy and forward motion… what is it you are working towards?


  1. If you are ever in Sydney,it is a great place for lunch- all year round with a menu that changes monthly & a small but ever changing wine list! Weekend afternoons they have live music- mostly jazz- just gorgeous.

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