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I often get emails from people wanting to know about books for learning astrology. Or maybe you don’t want to know an awful lot about astrology, you just want to know what makes you tick (Aries and Leo, I’m looking at you…). Perhaps you read my sun sign blogs and think “that is so not me…” very often followed by “which only goes to prove what I have always said: astrology is a crock of shit…” (and yes, I have some particular signs in mind for this particular cliché, but at the risk of alienating 2/12 of my potential audience I am employing the Jo filter on this one).

When I was learning I devoured astrology books- I still do (this is one of those topics where you never really stop learning). Astrology gave me a whole new reason to buy books- not that I ever really needed a reason. Amongst these I have favourites- which I share with you from time to time. Now I have a new favourite- April Elliott Kent’s The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology.

This is one book which really should not be gracing your bookshelf, but rather be sitting beside the bed, beside the couch, beside the bath- wherever it is you do your reading (or am I the only one who reads in the bath???).  This is a book that should be read and book marked and corner turned- or whatever the equivalent is in the digital world.

April brings astrology into the real world, and gives it real uses…she even answers that question “I am a Scorpio, but I really feel like I should be a Libra”…OK, possibly the Scorpio is not a great example, but you get the idea. As an example, I am as Pisces as it is possible to be, but with a number of key planets in the 1st house, I also identify quite closely with the Aries archetype.

She explains why we are such a mix and why we all have a bright and a shady side…yep, even you Mr Scorpio! Each sign is accompanied by an easy to read guide on that sign at work, at play, in love and in stereotype.

April leads you through a book which is easy to dive in and out of (OK, slightly harder if you are reading on a kindle which annoyingly has some restrictions on diving and back page reading) depending on whether you are more interested in knowing if that cute tradie you hooked up with last night (a Sagittarius to your Cancer) is a keeper or whether that 7th house Moon in Scorpio means that you really are a stalker like your ex girlfriend said you were.

Perhaps you are interested in knowing what we mean when we talk about the “houses”. What does it mean to have Sagittarius on the cusp of the 10th house? Does Virgo on the 7th mean that you will be judgemental and picky with your partners or that they may teach you practicality?

What about aspects? What do we mean when we talk of conjunctions and sextiles and squares? Do us astrologers use this language just to show you how clever we are? Nope. April puts this into the perspective of a dinner party. Too easy.

Astrology is cycle city, but can astrology explain the terrible twos, that magical time when your sweet faced tween becomes a pimply rebellious teenager or those couple of years in your late twenties when the urge to commit and become responsible are driving forces…What about the early 40s? Can we really put down the urge to drop out of society and find yourself or run away to the circus or decide to run a marathon from a standstill all to planetary cycles? Ummmm in many cases, that is a big resounding YES… (I still have problems with the number 4 in front of my age).

So, astrology for real people living real lives and having real situations- and filled with tips, alerts and take-aways…all written in April’s fun and irreverent style…no turban required.

Naturally this review is unsolicited…just saying…also, as with any stuff I recommend, it is my opinion only…whatever that is worth…

Where to get it? Check out Aprils’ astrology site. I downloaded my copy as an ebook from Amazon (Venus in Aries, I don’t do the waiting thing for anyone), but if you are in the states, it should be available in bookstores & on Amazon for the rest of us!


  1. I wanted to download an ebook from Amazon but was informed I couldn’t because I wasn’t in the US (I too am in Sydney). If there is a way please let me know.

  2. Hi Ally, I am in Sydney and downloaded it straight onto my kindle via wireless & I was reading 2 minutes later. I know my amazon account is set in Australia cos I have had other books rejected. Thats too weird.

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