lines in the sand…

Drawing a line in the sand.  An old metaphor.

That line being drawn in the sand? That’s Mercury in Capricorn. Theoretically, we should all find it easier to focus and plan and do organizing sort of things. Theoretically.

The quick decisions and sparky ideas from yesterday now need to be turned into strategic goals and ways forward. Think office bingo words and you have Mercury in Capricorn. This placement is ambitious, dry, conservative and goal orientated… so all that detail you ignored with your big thinking big talking ways while Mercury was in Sagittarius? All those future driven ideas? They now need to have some structure and dates put around them. Long term planning, schedules, risk registers, minutes, scope determination, criticals to quality…my Pisces Mercury is developing a headache just thinking about it!

To best understand Mercury in Capricorn we need to look at Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. At this point I will throw in the usual apology I need to throw in whenever I write anything about Capricorn and Saturn. The nature of earth is dry, the nature of Saturn is also dry. Maturity, responsibility, commitment, goals and reality are not glamorous subjects, and no amount of me trying to sex it up will make it so.

Maybe some of these names might- all celebrities with Mercury in Capricorn, all achieving great things, and some definite sexiness in all: Nigella Lawson, Michelle Obama, Orlando Bloom, Michael Schumacher. Feel better?

That said, all the earthy Mercuries appreciate some order in their communication. Capricorn absolutely needs structure too. She doesn’t like having to deal with too much information or too many messages or too much data from conflicting sources- well, not all at once. She likes the opportunity to methodically break it down. She likes to treat information responsibly.

She also likes whatever she is doing to have a practical outcome and will insist on receiving the proper training before commencing any new activities- following which she will become an authority on the subject. There is nothing that Capricorn fears more than ridicule or being labeled as “stupid.”

Speaking of authority, Mercury in Capricorn communicates with a sense of it and without frills or too many words. Every word means something and they can quickly become frustrated with the frivolity or hastiness of other signs.

Business decisions are made only after considering all facts, so if you are presenting a plan for a new initiative to a Capricorn or Capricorn Mercury, save the pretty pictures in the presentation and instead make sure that everything you say can be supported by data. There is no place for instincts, emotion, manipulation or time wasting in the Capricorn schedule.

As a result Mercury in Capricorn can come across as being conservative, rigid and skeptical- even those with the Sun in either Sagittarius or Aquarius (remember Mercury never is more than one sign from the Sun). Don’t mistake this for humorless though. Capricorn has a dry and ironic wit that is all the more enjoyable for its’ realism.

Capricorn prefers to stick to methods which are tried and trusted and will look to experience and the past for answers. This is because reality and responsibility are valued and speculation and exaggeration mistrusted. As such, to quote Stephen Arroyo, the focus can often be on limitations rather than possibilities. Provide the supporting data and Mercury in Capricorn will put the business strategy in place and turn it into a winner.

Mistrust can be an issue for Capricorn when every new idea presented by others is met with all the reasons why it can’t possibly work- when skepticism creeps into cynicism and practicality into negativity and wariness becomes worry. And Capricorn has the ability to worry at Olympic level!

This placement, however, has a brilliant head for business and the whole planning and organization thing is usually something that is second nature. Even outside the workplace.

From a learning viewpoint, Capricorn is methodical, persistent and not scared of hard work. Respect is a great motivator and Capricorn will work and study long and hard in order to become an authority in her chosen field. Steady and sustained progress will keep her going.

For the rest of us, we can take a little of this energy now to put our own lines in the sand and put some frameworks in place within which strategies can flourish and risks mitigated. Perhaps my really cool idea about electric drumkits in steering wheels is a little too revolutionary, but I do intend to use this vibe in a practical way to set up some business plans and budgets for the next few months. I might even force myself to do some networking- it can’t hurt. Millions of Capricorns have already proven just how successful these techniques can be.

Want a little of the Mercury in Capricorn sexiness for yourself? Mercury conjunct Saturn could do the trick, and if you are a Capricorn, you probably already think this way.