Like So Whatever- Mercury Rx

Last night the broadband cable went down in our street.

Being my normal “it’s all about me” self, my only concern was an interrupted signal last night through cable when I was trying to watch Rake, my favourite show of the year…and then I switched to digital anyway, so no problem.

The broadband cable was still down this morning ie no internet, no cable TV.

Originally scheduled to work from home today, no internet meant I had to go into the office. Annoying, but ultimately it worked out OK. But elsewhere in Chez Tracey chaos was reigning.

Hubby, home on holidays, was devastated. No cable meant no European football, no high quality Steven Segall movies, no MASH re-runs. My suggestion that the time could be used instead to hang the blinds & curtain rails in the room I have just re-decorated or possibly hedge the camellias out the front fell were met with a certain amount of disdain.

Five Foot Nothing (FFN- not sure I can call her this anymore given that at last back to back measure she is taller than me now) was totally despondent. No cable meant no decent shows for her to watch, no opportunity to argue with her father over the remote control & no social networking.

I suggested she clean her room…properly… that suggestion was like so whatever.

I also suggested she read a book, watch a DVD through her computer, ring a friend or find something to do outside- like my weeding, perhaps. Apparently these suggestions also fall into the “like so whatever” category.

I came “this” close to reminding her that when I was 12/13 I didn’t have a computer, an ipod, computer or cable TV. In fact in the country town I was living in (population 1000) close to the Victorian border, we only got the ABC (the national broadcaster)- unless the wind was blowing from the southwest in which instance we got commercial TV (one station) from Canberra, but then when the wind was blowing in that direction, we also got the fumes from the sewerage works a few kms out of town.

Sure this is a great example of Mercury retrograde, but it is also a great example of how sometimes we just need a break from the technology. How we need that punctuation mark, the reminder to slow down and go back to basics.

In the case of Chez Tracey, the risk is that the cable at fault may not be fixed until Monday (it is affecting heaps around us). So, we work around it. Hubby can become better acquainted with the offerings from the Digital Commercial stations, FFN can communicate other than through Facebook chat. I have a dongle thing for when I am on the road that I made sure was fully credited up before the retrograde started, so I am covered for all blogging commitments etc over the weekend…and anyway, we have a full weekend planned with presents to be wrapped, things to do & people to see.

No broadband? In the words of FFN, that is like so whatever.

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