Libra New Moon

I have this feeling that I want to run off and do something stupid- jump out of something that works perfectly well, or sign up for something that I know I won’t end up finishing.

It’s a restless, physical energy that has me reaching for the bucket list and looking to tick something off. I wrote a little about it yesterday over at and anyways.

I’m thinking it’s probably nothing more than the Mars-Uranus trine that’s in the sky at present. When these two bad boys get together in fire signs, you know there is some fun to be had.

This is real use it or lose it energy- the type of energy that if it isn’t used positively or physically, will mooch around the house looking for a fight to pick…with someone, anyone. All in all, it’s a pity that it’s Monday and a work day!

Anyways, later tonight (at about 11.03pm here in Sydney, to be precise, that’s just after 5am Monday PDT and just after 8am Monday EST for US readers) we will have ourselves a New Moon at 22 Libra 33’ (or thereabouts).

This degree is important because it is where Saturn stationed to turn direct just a few months ago. If you have planets or chart points here, someone is definitely trying to tell you something!

New Moons, as we know, are empty blackboard times- a chance to start afresh…but before beginning something new, you must, of course, finish something off.

Finishing off also means that the dark of the Moon and the few days of the balsamic cycle are also perfect for banishing things. Try writing it down and burning it, or burying it…getting rid of it- whatever (or whoever) “it” is- metaphorically speaking, that is! The cycle that is ending is whatever began at the Libra New Moon last year….If you can’t remember back to then (and seriously, how many of us really do?), it will probably have something to do with relationships or relating- because that is, after all, what Libra is about.

The Libra Moon is one of “we” as opposed to “me”. Libra is also the sign of balance, relationship, partnership. Not necessarily “love” as such, it is more how we can get along with each other, find compromise…at least that is the theory- although the Uranus/Mars trine we just finished talking about will probably have something to say about that one.

Venus, the ruler of this New Moon is in hyper-critical, details orientated Virgo- a placement where she doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence.

For the next few days she is applying to square off against Jupiter. This aspect is one that can bring with it over indulgence. For now, though, be careful that you don’t give too much of yourself in relationship- something Venus is Virgo is naturally prone to.

Wherever 20-25 Libra is in your chart is where this will be playing out- so check out what is going on in that part of life.



  1. Hi Jo,

    I’ve been kinda scared outta my pants but also excited about this NM. I’m a 7th house Libra Sun lady (early degrees) with Uranus at 22.35.

    Any advice to help keep me sane? LOL.

    1. Hey Nina, it’s a tad too far away to hit your Sun, but Moon hitting Uranus can bring some really cool ideas. Have fun with them.

  2. Hey Jo, I just wanted to give you an update on my NM experience. My crown chakra was almost on fire and my head was literally buzzing. I’ve never felt anything like it 🙂

    I’m an empath & card reader and I think the Nm gave me a huge boost.

    1. That sounds so Uranian. So many people told me that this New Moon felt like an eclipse to them. It obviously did to you too. Thanks Nina.

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