letting it be…


An email was sent home from school on Monday evening.

Miss T has a science experiment/assignment due in the next couple of weeks and the email was worded in such a way to say that she hadn’t yet done something that she should have.

My husband got all worked up over it and did the intensive questioning thing that Scorpios are so good at.  She did the Mars and Mercury in Aries thing. I did the peacemaker thing.

I asked her to dig out the assignment, worked out that she was on track, and asked her to talk to her science teacher to make sure that her understanding was on the same page as theirs. Peace reigned once more.

Last night she told me that the email had gone out to every student, that one girl had been grounded as a result, and that the teacher’s intention had simply been to remind us parents that an assignment was due on the 22nd. The message had been badly written, but the intention was good.

Whatever. Mixed messages, unclear communication- Mercury is, after all, retrograde in Pisces.

On Tuesday Miss T had an excursion to the Art Gallery. On Tuesday morning I received an SMS from the school advising me that she wasn’t at school. I then received an email from school requesting an explanation for her absence.

As I’d delivered her onto the excursion bus I wasn’t too worried.

Yesterday we received an apology stating they there had been a glitch in the attendance system. The same email and SMS had been sent to every parent whose child was on that excursion.

Mercury is retrograde.

This morning Miss T bought a note back from swimming to advise changes to the coaching staff and timetable. No biggie. 5.30am is still 5.30am. By midday I’ve received emails from the swimming club, the representative of a delegation of parents, and advise regarding a special extraordinary meeting to discuss the changes. Seriously?

Mercury is retrograde.

I’m writing this at a local coffee shop, and when I signed into the free wifi, all of my emails re downloaded. All of them. Twice. I laughed out loud.

Mercury is retrograde.

The thing is, as frustrating as it all is, I’m not that phased. It will all be over in a couple of days. Besides, knowing that Mercury is playing tricks helps me just go with the changes when they occur. Besides, creatively, this has been a great few weeks.

Mercury retrogrades can be like that.

The other thing is, the first few days and the last few days of any retrograde period are always the most unpredictable. With Mars newly energetic in Aries, and the Moon void of course in Aries, the potential for irritability and frustration is seriously high at the moment, so as much as possible try not to let molehills become mountains.

It will be over soon, but Mercury will still be in Pisces for another month, so my advice? Use pencil in your calendar, don’t sweat the small, annoying stuff and as far as you can, let it be.

What about you? Any Mercury war stories to share? Are you over it already?


  1. Good advice! Ive had some tricksy things happening as well. The story regarding my new updated phone/recontract/ and associated shenanigans is too long to tell and as frustrating as it was, the number and type of things that happened became hilarious – it was just unbelievable that so much could go so wrong. That said, I was expecting a lot more to go wrong than did, so I’m happy that it wasn’t worse, lol. Being a newbie to astro stuff, I did read that even after Mercury goes direct we should still be careful to early April?? Roll on…

    1. Yeah for 2 reasons- we will be in the Mercury “shadow” until 6/4 and still in Pisces until 16/4. Mercury Rx is always tough for Virgos.

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