Let’s go fly a kite…


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at challenging aspect patterns in the chart.

Today we’ll look at an easy one, a harmonious one.

Today we’ll look at the Grand Trine…and the Kite.

These guys even sound more fun, don’t they?

The Grand Trine

This comprises 3 planets in trine aspect to each other, forming an equal sided triangle or, as my daughter’s maths textbook assures me, an equilateral triangle.

The usual orbs apply: 5 degrees each way unless the Sun or the Moon is involved- then we can push it out to 10 degrees.

Again because of my ridiculous belief that aspects should be in sign, each planet will be in the same element.

Below is part of my chart, with just the Grand Trine showing.


If trines are good, grand trines must be seriously good…right?

Not necessarily. You knew I was about to say that, didn’t you?

Trines are self contained little parcels of easiness- there is no single point of tension, so no single point of outlet. As a result, the talents inherent within the Grand Trine are often taken for granted. No challenge and no tension often translates as no effort and wasted opportunity.

All other things being equal, Grand Triners tend to coast through life a little more than those who are constantly being presented with challenge. Because, more often than not, we fall on our feet, we tend more towards laziness than dynamism. The slightest thing has the potential to knock us for six. And yes, shit does still happen- I used the term “all things being equal”…

Grand Triners are less likely to manifest their incredible potential for success simply because they often make no effort to do so.

Grand Fire Trine

This one is about action- doing something. You guys are warm, enthusiastic and courageous…or rather you can be, if you could be bothered. To work this aspect, you need to be moving and setting physical challenges for yourself. Do something that frightens you- metaphorically speaking, of course.

Grand Earth Trine

This one is about material and physical security. You guys understand goals, practicality, reality, stability and structure. You can either rest on your laurels or you can actively work this aspect by setting yourself financial or practical goals. The types of goals that move the posts and push you about a bit.

Grand Air Trine

This one is about ideas. You guys are able to link pieces of information together easily, you learn quickly, and you know how to get your message across. To work this aspect, make yourself available to new opportunities to learn, and put yourself out there socially. Try different groups, maybe a different language- something that will make your brain twist and turn, and make you feel a little like you’re on the back foot intellectually or socially speaking.

Grand Water Trine

This one is about emotions. You guys are intuitive, nurturing, healing and reliant on your emotions. To work this aspect you also need to risk emotional vulnerability.  Expression of emotions creatively is the key to this one. You need to pour your heart and soul into something and risk sending it out into the world to possibly be rejected or hurt. Don’t think it, feel it.

Managing Grand Trines

Work each of the planets

Break down each of the aspects. In my case we’d be looking at:

  • Sun trine Neptune
  • Moon trine Neptune
  • Sun trine Jupiter
  • Moon trine Jupiter
  • Jupiter trine Neptune

For the Grand trine to work, each of these planets has to pull its weight. If one is not being satisfied or fulfilled, the others have to work that bit harder. So, know your planets and know what turns them on.

Look for a Challenge


Look for a square or opposition coming off one of the points. Working this aspect will motivate the others.

In my case, I have Venus square Jupiter. Self indulgence, immediate gratification and laziness are my enemies.

The Kite


If you have a fourth planet in opposition to one of the planets, the 4th planet links by sextile to the other two, forming a kite pattern.

This, because of the opposition, is a gift, and turns the promise of the Grand Trine into one more likely to be found in the chart of achievers.

Resolution of the opposition is the key to success.

In my case, there are four:

  • Sun opposite Pluto
  • Sun opposite Uranus
  • Moon opposite Pluto
  • Moon opposite Uranus

Easy Opposition

Any easy aspect coming off either end of an opposition eases the tension of the opposition and provides a bit of a helping hand to work through the challenges of the opposition.

Do you have a Grand Trine, a Kite? How does this manifest in your life?