Let’s Get Physical- Jupiter in Virgo

Fitness dance zumba class aerobics. Women dancing happy energetic in gym fitness class.

So anyways, Jupiter moves into Virgo later tomorrow.

Jupiter isn’t really at home in Virgo. Traditionally, it’s said that Jupiter is in his “detriment” in Virgo- in the sign opposite the one that he rules. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, and horizon focussed. Jupiter isn’t interested in perfection, isn’t at all discriminating, and is a near enough is surely good enough, there’s fun to be had and the glass is half full with room for more.

Given that Jupiter exaggerates whatever it touches, surely this means that Virgo squeezes the joy, the generosity and expansiveness out of Jupiter? According to Stephen Arroyo in Exploring Jupiter, this is not necessarily the case.

Sure, there’s more attention to detail, but there can also be a lightening of Virgo’s analytic and critical ability.

Jupiter’s presence in Virgo can help you clarify, add detail and definition to, perfect, even, your vision of the future- that has to be a good thing…right?

Given that Virgo is associated with work, the work we do for others, and our health, Jupiter will cast a helpful glow over these areas- regardless of where Virgo is in your chart. The attention that you pay to these parts of your life- to your diet, your habits, your work, your duties, the things that you do selflessly for others- will help you grow towards your personal horizon.

If you have an interest in health and wellbeing, you could take it to the next level over the next 12 months. Then again, if you have an interest in over indulging, this could take your scales to another level over the next 12 months.

Of course, if your habits, diet etc aren’t necessarily in the best shape that they can be and, if you’re disinclined to (for whatever reason) do anything productive about it, Jupiter’s influence in Virgo could exaggerate this. We’ve all seen it- you either overeat or under-eat. Exercise to the point of exhaustion or faff about on the couch doing nothing. Are mega productive and disciplined at work or have no flipping idea where to start so do the work equivalent of faffing about on the couch doing nothing. That part of it is completely up to you.

Doing it for yourself

First up, you need to understand a little about the potential of Jupiter transits. Jupiter is not some sort of celestial Santa Claus. The number of times I’ve heard people say stuff like ‘Jupiter came through my 10th house and I thought I’d get a new job out of it. But look at me, still in the old one.’

A little questioning and it comes out…usually something like, ‘sure there were opportunities, but they weren’t the right ones. Jupiter’s supposed to make it happen, isn’t he?’

Sure…but you have to do your bit too.

Like the person having the 5th house Jupiter transit who expected her social life and romantic life to be bubbling over with joviality. It could have been- if she hadn’t kept saying no to invitations, to playtime, to short term relationships that could potentially have meant something.

Get it?

Jupiter presents the doors- it’s up to you whether you open them or not. While Jupiter is in Virgo, be aware of the tendency to overthink or over analyse a situation- you could miss out on the forest while you’re concentrating on the trees. An opportunity doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect- it just has to be an opportunity.

For more on the nature of Jupiter transits check out this post.

Know your Jupiter story

What house is your natal Jupiter in?

Look for this symbol.

jupiter johnny lye

This part of life will always be where Jupiter transits are felt first.

What house/s does Virgo occupy in your chart?

This is the area of life that Jupiter will be asking you for expansion in. It’s where you’re selling yourself short. It’s where you mightn’t be living life to it’s fullest potential. It’s what you do here that will influence the outcome of the transit. If you don’t know your birth time to cast your chart, use the solar guide in the Jupiter tab.

What houses does Jupiter rule in your chart?

These will be the houses with Pisces


And Sagittarius on the cusp.


These houses will always be where the outcome of any Jupiter transit is felt.

What does this mean?

Using my chart as an example, Jupiter in my chart is in the 5th house and in the sign of Cancer. It rules my 1st (traditionally) and my 10th houses. This means that every single transit that Jupiter makes to my chart will ask me to expand within the area of life (the house) it is transiting (for me, this is the 6th and 7th while Jupiter is in Virgo), but will have an and result or impact on both the 1st and the 10th houses. The way in which I will do this will be in a 5th house style.

Jo Chart Jupiter transits

If you want to know how this could manifest in your life, there’s a Jupiter through the houses series of posts under the Jupiter tab at the top of the page.

Taking it further…

If you’re so inclined, check out what aspects Jupiter makes to other planets in your chart as he moves through Virgo. For this you’ll need an ephemeris and may also need to refer back to the main Jupiter page for the nature of aspects.

In my case, Jupiter in Virgo will make the following (traditional) aspects over the next 12 months or so:

  • Sextile to Mars
  • Opposition to Mercury
  • Square to Midheaven
  • Opposition to ASC/ Conjunction to Descendant
  • Conjunction to Pluto
  • Opposition to Sun
  • Conjunction to Uranus
  • Sextile to Jupiter
  • Sextile to Neptune
  • Opposition to Moon

As you can see, in the process, it kicks off the kite in my chart, so will bounce around a bit. I’ve done some little t- equations (see below)…it helps with identifying the patterns.

jupiter transits


Jupiter transits don’t last long- unless the transit is occurring near the station point. In my experience, they tend to also have a short tail, so I look mostly at an influence of 2 degrees before and 1 after.

Check your ephemeris for details.

Jupiter will be in Virgo from 12 August 2015- 10 September 2016.

Jupiter will station retrograde at 23 Virgo on January 2016.

Jupiter will station direct at 13 Virgo on 8 May 2016.