Let It Be

Te Anau Downs. Pic by me.
Te Anau Downs. Pic by me.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just known that he will be important in some way? Did you stop and question the reason, or just believe it was so…and so it was.

What about when you went for that interview and walked out with an absolute knowledge that the job was yours- whether you wanted it or not?  Or those moments when things looked bad, but felt so right? Regardless of what label you put on it, what you were feeling was faith. To question would be a waste of time, when to let it be what it will be is so much easier.

Faith is one of those things that can’t be explained.  It just is. No matter what it is that you know, sometimes believing in what you don’t know but just is can be comforting, exciting and refreshing.

Earlier today I had a discussion with a friend about one of those scales that measure body mass and water retention. Sure it’s a cool idea, but I had never wasted too much time working out how it does this. If the guys at the gym believe it is accurate, that is good enough for me. He, however, wasn’t satisfied until he had googled how it all works. Whatever. And therein lies the difference between fact and faith…and the difference between Sagittarius and Gemini. I don’t need to see the trees in the forest to know that they are there.

This weeks’ Full Moon and lunar eclipse (Thursday 16/6/11 6.13ish am Sydney time at 24 Sagittarius 25’) shines the headlights very squarely on this balancing act- what we know and what we know.

Lunar eclipses bring change from within, where solar eclipses bring them from external sources. Either way, eclipses can e particularly stressful times- particularly due to their inconsistent nature and their ridiculously annoying habit of exposing things we would rather keep hidden.

If you have planets or chart points anywhere between 22-26 Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo, you may need to be prepared to have your world rocked in some way, shape or form. Where do Sagittarius and Gemini fall in your chart?

Personally, this point falls in the 10th and 4th houses and squares Chiron and the Moon for me, but then, my Moon has been fairly well bombarded by eclipses and lunations in recent times. I assume I am being told Something by Someone, but with faith assume it will all work out in whichever way it needs to… in it’s own good time.

As always, check out April Elliott Kent’s piece on the eclipse- she is always worth a read and now has an absolutely brilliant book out- The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology– that should (if it isn’t already) be gracing the shelves of any student of astrology…