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Let it Be: Full Moon in Virgo


I interrupted my husband (he was busy cooking dinner…a thai green curry, in case you are interested…) to ask him what I can say about this Full Moon.

He paused to make out that he was considering my question seriously.

‘Well,’ he said, with great authority, ‘it is round and it is big…’

Wow- such insight!

‘And,’ he added, ‘I don’t reckon we will see it again tonight because of the cloud cover. Does that diminish its power? Do you think it’ll ever stop raining?’

Obviously not a lot of help from that quarter…

‘So,’ he asked, ‘what sign is it in?’

‘Do you care?’

‘Sure, I’ll impress you with what I know.’

‘It’s in Virgo.’

‘oh Jeez…well, you would have to say that reason goes out the window wouldn’t you?’

‘Why would you say that?’

‘Well, that’s what they say don’t they? What about “Virgos should avoid making judgement on people at this time?”’

Hmmm not bad. Lucky he makes a bloody good thai green curry.

‘Oh, by the way Darlin’, I think you need to say that Scorpio is the most mis-understood sign. I don’t know why people assume we want retribution. You need to write that.’

Then he says, ‘and make sure you don’t misquote me- I don’t want to have to hunt you down.’

So, Virgo Full Moon. Technical details: 7.38pm (Sydney time) at 18 Virgo.

Sure it links with Mars (retrograde, but a link is a link). The usual attention to detail and critical analysis applies- particularly to the areas where the Full Moon lies in your chart. But you know what? I’m just a tad over talking about Virgo and order or organisation.

Virgo is, like all earth signs, sensual and body aware. So, at this Full Moon, rather than looking at the usual Virgo stuff, let’s think about this dichotomy in terms of body and spirit or judgement and non-judgement. What about thinking not about where we see perfection, seek perfection, idealise perfection but rather where we choose not to make judgement, choose to overlook those niggly little concerns and instead embrace what is.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is that area where we work so hard for absolute perfection that we forget all about moderating behaviours and pleasures. It is also this axis where we project our own imperfections (or perceived limitations) onto those around us. It is where we discriminate and where we are completely indiscriminate.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury, who, we remember, is about to turn retrograde. Mercury is also approaching a square to Pluto. It is particularly important at this Full Moon to keep an open mind and avoid dwelling on worries that are either inconsequential or where there is no action that can be taken.

Pluto tends to compulsion and obsession, so when Mercury squares off against the Lord of the Dark, there is a very real possibility of frustration regarding getting your message across to others. Just remember, the only thoughts you can control are your own (well, if you have a better Mercury than mine anyway).

Further, you can’t, control the thoughts or opinions of others- nor should you try to do so. I have big trouble with this one- and often take things personally when randomness and detachment is more appropriate.

So, at this Full Moon, turn the energy inward. Think about where you may be casting judgement where in fact, you may be better of to just let it be. Think also about where you can make positive improvements whilst still being gentle with yourself. Think also about what may be hidden and what now will be exposed…

In my case, this Full Moon falls across the ASC/DC line in my chart- that is the line across the middle. It is conjunct Pluto and therefore opposite my Ascendant (and Sun), and inconjunct Venus…oh, and square the Midheaven. Any Full Moon that falls on an angle ie near the 1st/7th or 4th/10th is important. I know very well just where I am overly hard on myself…I also know where a little more effort would actually be a good thing…

So, check out you chart (if you need to cast one, go to and throw your details in) and check out any planets or chart points which fall between:

16-20 Pisces

16-20 Virgo

16-20 Gemini

16-20 Sagittarius

You may also feel it at: 16-20 Taurus, 16-20 Capricorn, 16-20 Cancer, 16-20 Scorpio.

Anyways, todays #marchphotoaday challenge is “window”. The photo above is the view out my study window, ie where I work. The photo below is the detail of the stained glass fairy/mermaid-ish/bubble lady and butterfly that I made (quite) a few years ago when I was going through a bit of a stained glass phase.

From a distance it looks pretty good, but if you notice closely, some of my bubbles are not completely round (have you ever tried cutting and filing a perfectly round glass circle?) and quite a lot of the copper and welding work is way too thick…and the butterfly isn’t meant to be so close to it, but fell against it as I pressed the shutter, and seriously, what is going on with that hair/head join? And as for next doors’ cherry tomatoes, there are a few that need picking…

Full Moon in Virgo…see what I mean?


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Hi Jo!
I’ve just loved finding your blog today.
Seriously we write very similar always relating Astrology with Real life. Unfortunately, my blog right now is only in Portuguese – which is my birth language as I am Brazilian and live in Brasil. Otherwise I’d ask for you to check my Virgo Full Moon Article too =)
Now you have a new follower!
Have a nice Full Moon

Lovely to meet you! I’m wishing I spoke Portuguese right now 🙂

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