Know Your Boss

Bosses, we love them, we hate them… but for the vast majority of us, earning money generally means that we come into contact with a “superior” at some point- and I use the term loosely. There is a great deal of difference between a “Manager” and a “Leader”. Your attitude to management of staff can be indicated by your Sun sign. More importantly, getting to know the Sun sign of your Boss can be a great help in the workplace.

If you know your Rising sign (or that of your Boss), read that description as well, as you are often influenced by both your Sun & Rising Sign.

At risk of stressing the fine print- Boss men/women past, present & future- don’t look too hard for yourselves in here- you could be disappointed…

Aries Boss

Never happier than when he is fighting fires, if there are none to extinguish, this boss is likely to create some- just because he can.

A natural leader, Aries likes to run his own show, & isn’t afraid to make difficult decisions. He is goal orientated and has so much energy that he frustrates those around him from what can sometimes be movement for its own sake. Aries loves to start new projects, but simply doesn’t have the patience to deal with the details of the effort.

Aries is the original Warrior, so this is the guy you want on your side in a fight. He has the ability to blinker himself from the real feelings of those below him- particularly if they have the potential to stop him from achieving his objective.

Taurus Boss

Taurus Boss may be accused of being a little stubborn, even conservative, but, unlike Aries, once committed to a course of action, this Manager will see it through to the end. Trust this sign with your money & your real estate. Taurus likes routine, structure and will not act without examining all possible repercussions. Any decisions made by this sign will have been carefully considered before they are communicated.

A natural workaholic, Taurus Boss does not like to be interrupted, disturbed, or removed from the agreed schedule. Taurus will lead with integrity, determination and loyalty and will expect the same from her employees.

Gemini Boss

With a Gemini boss the office will be a hive of social activity, gossip and busyness- never again will there be stony silences at performance review sessions. This Manager personifies multi-tasking, but can be endlessly distracting and possibly destructive to output if confined to a cubicle and a single goal.

A great communicator with a brilliant brain, Gemini is also a master manipulator and thrives in company politics. Gemini Boss is best in situations requiring plenty of mental gymnastics and thrives on chaos & disarray. Gemini really doesn’t like micro management, so will generally detach sufficiently to let you get into problems, before coming in to get you out of it with some genius idea.

Cancer Boss

Cancer works to earn money for the family. Uninterested in frivolity or politics in the office, Cancer is no nonsense when it comes to work and expects those around them to work equally as hard. Like all water signs, Cancer is quite private. The office generally has a comfortable home-y feel and is a refuge when they are feeling particularly “crabby” or threatened.

Cancer believes that a company is built on the engagement of its people and builds her team with firm family foundations, protecting and nurturing her “work family” in the same way that she protects & nurtures her real family- always remembering their own family always comes first. Any company that makes the mistake of not realising this will lose a great people manager.

Leo Boss

This charismatic boss works hard, plays hard, loves to be noticed and dislikes being upstaged. Generally warm, generous and proud, this Manager can also be a control freak and can tend to micro-manage staff- mainly because he does not like to be seen to fail. A motivated Leo boss has an infectious focus.

Often having larger than life ambitions, they have the ability to complete a task through sheer willpower. But if not excited, they can tend to boredom, laziness and interference for the sake of it.

Leo loves the spotlight of a high profile role or project, is not afraid to take risks, and often will manage to be surrounded with loyal followers who treat him as a role model.

Virgo Boss

Virgo truly believes that she can achieve perfection- if she works hard enough. And she does take on an amazing amount of work. As a Manager, she is often way too hard on herself and those around her. Virgo has a tendency to obsess over details, and will dwell on the smallest imperfections. But Virgo doesn’t see it as criticism- just helpful advice because she knows you can do better. This nagging tendency can tend to demoralise valuable employees who need positive reinforcement and often hides her fears regarding perceived inadequacies .

The record keeper of the zodiac, the Virgo Boss is a font of knowledge and detail regarding company facts, data and process. Unfortunately, despite doing so much, Virgo boss is usually under appreciated.

Libra Boss

This Boss is all about justice and balance. She will work hard, but she will also need downtime to languish. Libra looks great, dresses for the situation and is charming. Libra can be ambitious, but understands that they are at their best with a team or at least a few supporters. Libra will fight only when fair-play is at stake. The rest of the time she has an uncanny knack to get others to do her dirty work- not that they mind… really. The bossy side is often hidden behind a skilled communicator. Libra dislikes messy emotions and may be accused of being indecisive, but essentially, anything to promote harmony in the workplace.

Scorpio Boss

The most fixed and deeply emotional of the water signs, Scorpio exudes a veneer of absolute control and can usually maintain this in the face of absolute chaos. Scorpio Boss can be loyal and protective but when crossed will remember the grievance for as long as necessary.

This Manager has the potential to engage employees by tuning in emotionally and generally runs an office based on honesty and integrity. But he does expect high performance and does not come to work to win popularity contests. Scorpio makes decisions based on data & measures risks carefully, but does find it difficult to admit mistakes (not that he is ever wrong) or change course.

 Sagittarius Boss

This guy is the ultimate risk taker, and not really a natural leader. More interested in having fun, exploring the “big picture” or teaching and motivating, Sagittarius really has little interest or tolerance in hands on management.

Honest to a fault, this Boss will talk before thinking, not realising that others may find his honesty a little tactless. But Sagittarius will encourage change, creativity, growth and optimism and will generally be there if you need him. Just don’t expect to find him at his desk in a partition doing a single set of tasks- he will need to have many fires to fight at once and preferably a reliable earthy person at his side dealing with the smaller details.

Capricorn Boss

This boss is result focused and competitive, but in a more practical way than fiery Aries. A naturally strong Manager, earthy Capricorn understands that hard work is the only way to achieve results, recognition, dollars and security. Capricorn is most at home in a structured corporate environment where everyone has a clear place in the pecking order.

From the “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it” school, suggested change is generally met with scepticism and suspicion. As Capricorn finds comfort in history and experience, they may try and “neutralise” any perceived threat to their leadership by more ambitious and change suggestive employees.

 Aquarius Boss

Aquarius Boss thrives in a team, preferably working on something new, inventive or for the greater good. Technology will be enterprise level and outcomes will be for the “greater good”. Employees will generally enjoy a flexible, slightly alternative workplace, have buy-in to goals and experience fair and equal benefits.

Aquarius does expect hard work towards a common goal and uses structure to do so. At her best she is a revolutionary genius, at her worst, a loose cannon.

Like all air signs, there is no room for messy emotional stuff- personal problems are so much smaller than the big picture. Make sure your conversation is interesting, ideas well thought through and you won’t have any political issues with this boss.

 Pisces Boss

Pisces is more suited to creative or directorial roles than leadership. This boss has ideals and dreams and corporate structures interfere with those. If she finds herself in a leadership or operational position, she will sit behind that desk depressed & trapped. But she will be sensitive to every mood in the office and may sacrifice herself for those of her employees- if she feels they need her.

Pisces can’t say “no”, dislikes making decisions and resents being taken advantage of. She will value earthy and practical employees who can turn her fantastical visions into something more workable.

Pisces Boss is a chameleon and can be everything to everybody… but she can also be a master manipulator.


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