Keep the faith- DIY Jupiter transits…

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Jupiter is often seen as a sort of planetary Santa Claus- a planet whose transits always bring luck, opportunities and benefits. That makes sense, Jupiter is the great benefic. He’s also associated with the image of the generous King- handing out, well hand-outs.

I many cases, that could be just what it feels like. It’s not what it’s meant to feel like though.

The thing is, when it comes to transits, we’re not helpless victims waiting by the castle gates for a hand-out of whatever it is that we think we need to make our lives better and happier. We need to do our bit too.

The whole point of Jupiter transits is to expand ourselves more and more into the…well, into our worlds. Opportunities may open up, doors may open up, more may become available to us. Depending of whether we take the opportunities, open the doors, expand out beyond our comfort zones, we may finish the transit with either a broader mind-set or a broader bum. As I said, Jupiter just wants us to get bigger.

The area of life, the house in the chart, that Jupiter is transiting, is the area of life that you are trying to grow, expand beyond- remembering that this could be literal or metaphorical.

As an example, often Jupiter transits of the 4th house might indicate that your family is too big for your house, there’s no longer room to move. A relocation or renovation could be on the cards. That’s the literal translation.

Jupiter is currently in my 4th house, and my home is plenty big enough for the three of us (and Kali the Wonder Spaniel), but is now also the home of my writing business- something that’s had me getting busier in since Jupiter came to call. Given that Jupiter rules my career zone, this also makes sense.

It could also be an area of life where you have overdone the growth or taken more than your fair share. This is especially the case if you’ve found yourself putting on weight during a Jupiter transit. If this is you, it could be that you’re resisting expansion of your self, by expanding your body… Often times we try and fill the gaps inside you with food, each extra layer providing both a protection and an excuse. This may especially be the case if Jupiter is transiting one of the angles in your chart ie the 1st, 10th, 7th or 4th.

Just a thought.

This may be the default position while Jupiter is in Cancer.

Jupiter transits, like all transits, take on the quality of the sign that the transiting planet is in. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, yet Cancer is naturally more fearful than many other signs…more prone to waiting for the right conditions in order to step outside and open that door, less likely to take a risk, and more likely to replace experience with food.

Keeping the faith under these circumstances is more important than ever.

Bear in mind too, that regardless of the planet or house that Jupiter is transiting, it will be flavoured by the natal sign and house position of Jupiter.

What do I mean by this?

Jupiter in my chart is in the 5th house and in the sign of Cancer. It rules my 1st (traditionally) and my 10th houses. This means that every single transit that Jupiter makes to my chart will ask me to expand within the area of life (the house) it is transiting, but will have an and result or impact on both the 1st and the 10th houses. The way in which I will do this will be in a 5th house style. This means that every transit of Jupiter gives me the potential to expand myself, my awareness (1st), and my career (10th). I’ll most likely have fun doing it, or do it through self expression (5th). It also means that if I take the fearful (natal Jupiter in Cancer) option or have too much fun (5th), the only thing I’ll be expanding will be my clothes size (1st) which I can use as an excuse as to why my career (10th) isn’t progressing in the way I’d like it to.

The thing about luck and opportunities, is that you have to be ready to take them, and know just how far you can take them. You have to have put in the hard work, the training, have the structures in place in order to accept the offers that Jupiter brings. You also need to know when to stop and say no.

And that’s where Saturn comes into the picture.

Saturn helps you establish the boundaries, the structures, and has you ready for success. Too much Saturn and you might be too rigid or too concerned you’re your (metaphorical or physical) safety to take the risk and say yes to what Jupiter is handing you. Too little Saturn, and you won’t be prepared- you won’t have had the discipline to do the work, the training, the hard yards…

Jupiter may be the lucky planet, but it’s Saturn that allows you to capitalise on that.

It’s like when I went zip lining last week in Queenstwon. I was harnessed up, clipped into the line, and looking through the trees and down the mountain. All that lay between me and the thrill of the zip were four stairs that I had to walk down- continuing to step even when I ran out of steps. I had to trust that the clip and the harness would hold when I stepped not onto a solid base but into the air. And I had to trust that at the other end, the braking system would click in to slow me down.

So I did. I took that step, and took the ride. It was exhilarating, and I woo hoo’ed the whole way.

It turned out right.

Putting that experience in astrological terms, my structures were in place, the work had been done (Saturn), and the harness was clipped in tightly, so the climate was right (Cancer). The opportunity was there to push beyond my previous experience (Jupiter) so I took it (in a 5th house way), with the brakes (Saturn) kicking in before I could overdo it (Jupiter).

If you do choose to step of that metaphorical step into unknown territory, with Jupiter exalted, things are likely to turn out right- especially if you know in your heart that you haven’t sat passively by, if you know that your support structures are right.

How do you know where Jupiter is transiting?

  • Pull out your birth-chart, and look for 10 Cancer. What house is that in?
  • If you need a refresher on getting your chart, go to this post.
  • If you need a refresher on what each house means, go to this post.
  • If you don’t know your birth-time, assume that your Sun is on the Ascendant, and refer to this page.

How to find your transits

  • Duck across to and using the instructions on creating your birth chart, select extended chart selection from the menu.

photo-1 copy

  • Now, from the options available, select natal chart and transits:

photo-2 copy

  • You should now have a chart with green symbols around the outside of the wheel. The chart is your natal chart, with the green symbols representing the transiting planets. Jupiter looks a little like a stylised 4, and as you can see, is at the bottom of my chart, and transiting my 4th house.

photo-3 copy

What about transits? How do I do that?

What will happen? Here are some guidelines (taken from, as always. The Eagle and the Lark, by Bernadette Brady):

  • What house is Jupiter in natally? What house is the planet being transited in by Jupiter natally? These areas will be where the transit starts to happen.
  • What house is Jupiter transiting? This is where the main action will be occurring.
  • What house/s is ruled by Jupiter natally? What house is ruled natally by the planet being transited? These are the areas of life that will be affected by the outcome of the transit.
  • What is the nature of the aspect? This will tell you whether the transit will be “easy” or “hard”- and that doesn’t mean “good” or “bad.”

An example:

Now that Jupiter is direct, one of the next aspects that will be made in my chart is a square to my Venus. So, step by step:

  1. Jupiter is in my 5th house natally. Venus is in the 2nd house. The houses where everything starts to happen will be the 2nd and the 5th.
  2. Jupiter is transiting the 5th house. This is where the main action will be occurring.
  3. Jupiter rules my 10th house (and traditionally) my 1st house. Venus rules my 3rd  house (and traditionally) my 8th house. This is where the outcomes will be felt.
  4. The aspect is a square. This generally means that I may have delays or obstacles, in my path, but with Venus and Jupiter, even a square isn’t a bad thing- unless my self-indulgence (Venus square Jupiter natally) brings it all undone. Something is forcing me into an action where the outcome and consequences are mine.
  5. I can put a story around this, if I want, I can be really creative (5th house) with it. Essentially this will start with something important to me (2nd house) and something I’ve been nurturing, having fun with, or given birth to. Let’s say, hmmmmm, my book? That fits the 5th house brief. Getting it published has certainly meant delays and obstacles! Writing (3rd) and publishing (9th)  is what I want to do for a living (10th), so who knows? I’ve certainly put the work in, so structurally, I’m ready…

Get the idea? Try it for yourself. Brainstorm your own transit…

Ziptrek in Queenstown…all rights to the original photographer...
Ziptrek in Queenstown…all rights to the original photographer…