Just Say Yes

Pic by me- Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby
Pic by me- Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby

This song by Kate Ceberano has been tearing around my brain for the last week or so. Aside from the film clip showing a gorgeously autumnal Melbourne, the lyrics “say yes” are, to me, what Sagittarius and Jupiter are all about:

No one can stop you once you start

Say yes

Wanna live?

Say yes

Can you give,

can you dream, can you breathe, are you in?

Say yes, yes, yes, yes

Sagittarius just wants to say yes… to everything. And in doing so, he will give everything of himself. To breathe is to live is to give is to be in. Just say yes. Say yes to learning, say yes to faith, say yes to integrity, say yes to adventure, say yes to travel, say yes to bungy jumping off a platform into the Waikato, say yes to another drink… just say yes.

To Sagittarius, where there is breath there is life and where there is life there is hope. This is truly the sign of the optimist, the eternal gypsy, the student of life and the preacher of faith.

The Sagittarian quest is to find meaning and truth and in doing so to make a difference. In order to do this, horizons must be expanded. So Sag wanders the earth, both physically through travel and mentally through learning. In doing so, horizons are expanded, adventures experienced and knowledge and belief is attained.

Horizons have no boundaries. Sag aims for the edge of what can be seen, but once there, can see the edge further and further away, so keeps going. For every challenge conquered, there is another in view and then another and still another. Fences and partitions are constraints to be jumped over and galloped away from. In fact, the one thing that Sagittarius fears is entrapment or restrictions being placed on his personal freedom.

But what does Sagittarius do with all of this knowledge and experience? He teaches and he preaches and he publicises. Unlike Capricorn, Sagittarius does not teach life lessons, he talks about Life, Belief and Truth. In this way, Sagittarius is associated with the world of publishing, law and religion. Care needs to be taken to ensure publicity and teaching does not wander into arrogance and dogmatism- Sagittarius sometimes needs reminding that there is more than one true faith.

Byron Bay- pic by me
Byron Bay- pic by me

There is a town on the North Coast of NSW called Byron Bay. Long associated with alternative lifestylers and Aquarius, Byron is also a town which reminds me of Sagittarius. It is a highly spiritual town where no single faith dominates, yet everyone believes in something- whether that be a religion, the organic food movement, freedom of speech… It is a town where travellers from all around the world gather to party, to drink, to talk about experiences, and to learn from their fellow wanderers and to find their own personal faith, truth and belief.  Sagittarius indeed.

Rotorua and Queenstown in New Zealand are also Sagittarian towns devoted to the pursuit of the next great adventure. If there is something to jump off, a river to rampage or a new and exciting way of pushing ones personal boundaries, the Kiwis will have identified it. But again, all of this is not there simply for the sake of the adrenaline rush. In pushing your own boundaries, you learn more about your own truth, about your own beliefs and your own personal strengths.

Rotorua, NZ. Pic by me.
Rotorua, NZ. Pic by me.

Sagittarius is honest to a degree which can be seen as tactless. This can result severe “foot in mouth” disease as Sag just says what he wants and bolts off to the next thing, leaving his victim in horrified at the truth they have just been told. Sag, is, of course, oblivious to whatever damage has been done.

Another Sag shadow is a reflection of their boundless optimism- without boundaries, sometimes you just don’t know when enough is enough- you don’t know when to stop. A Sagittarius without something to believe in, without a cause to follow or without a quest can escape into the world of Too Much- too much gambling, too much alcohol, too much partying, too much food… too much. And when you are totally convinced that you will always land on your feet?

In the body, Sagittarius rules the bum and the thighs. People with strong Sagittarian signatures in their chart, particularly a Sag rising, will have strength in this area. All the better to leap over fences and gallop off into the sunset.  

Can you dream, can you breathe, are you in? Say Yes.

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wow! i’m a saggi, have always dreamed of going to byron bay (but not made it yet, except as a drive by) and my 2 favourite places in NZ were Queenstown and Rotorua!

by the way, i wish ruling the bum and thighs didn’t make them so huge in my case LOL

Glad you liked it Karen 🙂 I love jupiter, but his habit of making stuff bigger… hmmmm

I just found your site and love it..I am a Sag with a Virgo rising. I don’t get to travel much but travel a lot through magazines and “what else” the internet. Thank you for more insight into us “Sagitarians”.

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