Just say when…


I’m in serious planning mode at present- putting detail around some of my bigger picture stuff. The Gemini Full Moon influence is good for that.

So, I figured if I’m in planning mode, in detail mode, so must some of you be.

To that end, I’ve updated the retrograde page on this site (you’ll find the tab at the top of the page). If you’re a project or change manager, or frequent traveller, take special note of the Mercury retrograde dates. You’ll be wanting to schedule major changes- especially if they involve systems or software- outside of these dates.

Naturally business doesn’t tend to work that way, so if you have change dates or project critical path tasks that fall within these dates, schedule in additional change communications and an extra round of testing…just to be sure all your bases are covered. Hey, you should be doing that anyway…

In addition to the retrograde dates, below are the key movements made by the big planetary hitters. You’ll need this if you have a transit around the corner by one of these guys.

How does it work?

Using Uranus as an example, it will cover between 8- 16 degrees of Aries over the next 12 months. The low degree is, well, now, and the highest point will be in July when he turns retrograde at 16 Aries.

If you have planets or key chart points between, say, 7-17 Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you’ll be looking at a conjunction, square or opposition within the next 12 months. Possibly more than once…

The nature of those transits can be found on the Uranus page- check the tab at the top of this site.

If you need to know the exact date of your transit, check out the online ephemeris at astro.com and this post on how to read it!

Saturn 2014 16 Scorpio – 0 Sagittarius

  • Saturn stations retrograde on 2 March, 2014 at 23 Scorpio 19’
  • Saturn stations direct on 19 July, 2014 at 16 Scorpio 39’

Saturn moves into Sagittarius on 24 December, 2014

Uranus 2014 8-16 Aries

  • 22/7/14 Uranus retrograde at 16 Aries 30’
  • 20/12/14 Uranus direct at 12 Aries 34’

Neptune 2014 3-7 Pisces

  • 9/6/14 Neptune retrograde at 7 Pisces 35’
  • 15/11/14 Neptune direct at 4 Pisces 48’

Pluto 2014 11- 13 Capricorn

  • 14/4/14 Pluto retrograde at 13 Capricorn 35’
  • 22/9/14 Pluto direct at 11 Capricorn