Aries Moon

Just Like Starting Over…


New Moon April 18/19 28 Aries 25′

The wonderful people I share my partition job with bough me an OMG Fact calendar at Christmas last year. If you follow my instagram, you’d know just how much I love it.

My faves are the weird statistics ones- like yesterdays about the guy who had hiccups for 69 years? Really? OMG!!! Hadn’t he ever heard of the whole swallow three times without breathing thing?

There are a heap of statistics that are out there telling us how many people break their New Year Resolutions.

There are a heap more that want to estimate how many people fail to honour them… same thing really? Either way the number is estimated at anything between 60-88%, depending on the source you read. Even though I have this theory that 94.5% of all statistics are made up, I tend to believe that these numbers are pretty close to the mark. But Astrology, or more specifically the New Moon in Aries, is here to give you another shot at it.

Whether yours is to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce debt, cut back on other nasties or accelerate your 5 year plan with a 2 year deadline, the chances are that sitting here now in April, things have fallen off the tracks.

Just when is the right time to utter those fateful words “This year I will….” remains up for conjecture.  Should you do it before during or after the New Years Eve party? Should you say it exactly on the 1st, last or whatever stroke of midnight? Should you take your time to think about your goal (and for the after effects of the NYE party to wear off) and make your resolution for the 1st New Moon of the year- in Capricorn? Should you wait still further until Chinese New Year, or even the astrological New Year when the Sun moves into Aries at the end of March?

History, it seems, agrees that the best time to make a New Year Resolution is in the northern Spring. I read a column by a Dr Rick Miller (from a University of Nebraska Kearney online publication) who wrote that the earliest recording of New Year Resolutions was by the Babylonians 4000 years ago.

It seems, however, that the most common goal of the ancient Babylonians was not to shed 20 kgs or be nice to that girl/guy in the next partition- it was….wait for it… to return borrowed farm equipment.

There’s a lot to be said for the theory that the best time to make a New Year Resolution is actually now… well in the next couple of days with the New Moon in Aries- the 1st New Moon of the astrological year.

During the Balsamic phase we get rid of everything we no longer need, perform whatever banishing rituals we need to perform and wipe the slate clean. At the New Moon, we start the cycle again.

The New Moon energy is always one of new beginnings. And nothing says new beginnings better than an Aries New Moon.

A New Moon, especially an Aries New Moon turns the sky into a great big empty blackboard that you can write your intentions on… I love that. And there is nothing quite as new as an Aries New Moon.

The Aries energy is one of new, almost childlike enthusiasm to explore, to be the first, to start something brilliant. First things can never be repeated- that’s what makes them so great. You can’t share a first kiss twice, or go somewhere for the first time again or get on a plane for the first time…well, you get the idea.

First things and first times are also scary. The whole point of them is that you don’t know what to expect, what will happen, how it will work out. It requires you to take those first few steps into the dark with just your enthusiasm to guide you.

I’m doing that at the moment as I send my novel off to be converted into it’s various edigi file formats for release in May. It’s like my baby is leaving home. I’ll know longer know what she’s doing, or with who. I can’t control what time she comes home, or if she comes home. I have to trust that I’ve done the best job that I can possibly do.

It’s fitting, therefore, that this New Moon falls square Jupiter for me. The potential is there, the work has been done, I just now have to trust.

First steps.

my new moon journal
my new moon journal

We have a couple of days left of the balsamic Moon to do that metaphorically and set our intentions for the coming 12 months. With all of the creative energy in the air, a vision board could be a fun thing to do, or simply write the words- after all, it’s your blank canvas.

So, for those of you with next doors lawnmower, shovel, trailer or whipper snipper that you borrowed aeons ago from your best mate (and you know who you are…), make like the Babylonians and include in your First New Moon of the Astrological Year Resolution to give it back…and then grab what is on offer with both hands- without that whipper snipper in the back shed, you will have plenty of room.

DIY it?

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Wherever this falls in your chart is where you need to channel your inner warrior. It’s where you need to find the courage to take that first step, to explore new territory. It’s where you find yourself if you’ve been lost. It’s where you need to just flipping do it.