Cancer Moon

Just like starting over…


I talked yesterday about how I’m having a finishing things week.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

In fact last time I had coffee with my BMF I ‘d bought some huge IKEA photo frames that I’ll be using to pop some pics in for when I re-paint our bedroom. His response, ‘that’s great Jo, but have you finished the other painting?’

‘Well no, but I’m doing it as I do each room.’

‘How many square inches do you think that you’ve lost in your house to paint?’

It’s true. My husband says the same- that our house could fall down, but the walls will stand up with the number of coats of paint I’ve put on them.

I love painting- my husband doesn’t. It’s because I like change and moving- and my husband doesn’t. So I paint.

A few years ago I had the bright idea of bringing the parts of our house that were holding on tight to early 90’s style kicking and screaming into 2010.  The culprits? Skirting boards, window, door and cupboard trims that had been limewashed to go with the magnolia paint and wallpaper borders, arches and ruffled curtains that were everywhere in the house when we bought it 14 years ago, and which are really not me.

I’d gradually got rid of the rest, but the trims seemed too hard- and hubby liked them. I suspect he liked them because hubby knew that to paint them involved sanding, coats of primer, and two coats of stinky long time between re-coats enamel (or eggshell) paint.

Without doing the trims, I can finish painting a room in a day. I can do a couple of rooms a day- on my own, with loud music blaring. Throw in the trims and it’s a 3 day job. And he knows from experience that 3 day jobs are unlikely to get finished.

There’s miles of the buggers- we have a large house.

So that’s what I’m doing this week- finishing the trims- before I paint another room

Under the Cancer Moon it is easy to dwell on the past, to hang on to an idea, a theory, a relationship, a habit long past its use by date- in fact often until it resembles something like what used to be zucchinis that you found lurking in the bottom of your fridge vegie drawer.

And that’s all perfectly understandable (not the manky zucchinis, but the hanging on bit). What we know, the stuff in our past, the stuff from our families, whether it is good or bad, it’s comfortable. These things represent the boundaries of our comfort zone. We find ourselves clinging to them, too afraid to let go.

Yet, in order to continue to grow, to flourish, we have to let go. We have to step outside the things that make us feel comfortable and go it on our own terms.

This time 2 years ago retrenchments had just started in the partition job. Communication had been great, so we all knew where we stood, but the uncertainty was creeping in. People who for years had been complaining (loudly) about the Mother Ship and policies, treatment, slights etc (you know the drill) now started reminiscing about the good times.

Oh, you mean those good times when the client was giving us such a rough time that everyone was working 70 hour+ weeks, all leave was cancelled & there had been no pay rises for 5 years? Those good times?

Ummm yes, those good times. It was all shit for them to go through, incredibly stressful, but looking back, it was what they knew, what their history was. As crappy as those years were, it was comfortable because it was past. That’s what nostalgia is.

The Moon is now in the balsamic phase, so if ever there was a shot at letting go, it is now. This is the Moon’s New Moon, so what better time to start a new cycle than with a clean slate and no attachments- and yes, I know that it’s easier said than done.

Cancer New Moons always bring issues of mother, home, family and self- nutrition (and that doesn’t have to mean the fridge and chocolate variety) to the forefront. New Moons allow for a fresh burst of energy. I would suggest that at this New Moon you go with that energy- or the Universe will shift you in some other way.

Todays New Moon falls at 16 Cancer 18’.

For me, this New Moon is just inside my 4th house still, my 5th starts at 17 Cancer 48’. It’s fitting that I’m finishing off some housey stuff.

It also trines my ASC (16 Pisces 29’) and squares Venus. There’s also a sextile there to Pluto, but I’m not as interested in that one. There is, however, a definite Venus story going on- one I’ll talk about more later…when I get my head around it.

For your New Moon story, look at where 16 Cancer is in your chart. (If you don’t know how to do this, check out the instructions).

Now look for planets (especially personal ones) or chart points within a couple of degrees of this, say anything at 14-19.

Planets at 14-19 Cancer- conjunction

Planets at 14-19 Capricorn- opposition

Planets at 14-19 Aries or Libra- Square

Planets at 14-19 Pisces or Scorpio- Trine

Planets at 14-19 Taurus or Virgo- Sextile

New Moon at:

NZ 7.14pm Monday 8/7

Sydney 5.14pm Monday 8/7

WA, SE Asia 3.14pm Monday 8/7

London 8.14am Monday 8/7

NY 3.14am Monday 8/7

LA 0.14am Monday 8/7

3 replies on “Just like starting over…”

6 moon in Scorpio in 9th

8 mars in cancer in 5th

7 Jupiter in Pisces in 1st

The new cancer moon is in my 5th house and Im readying myself to re-adopt my lapsed simple living/growing vegies/cut out processed foods and cleaning chemicals way of life when school goes back, plus im hoping to find some contentment in nurturing my family, so that seems to fit and is making me think this is the best way to go forward.

Since i don’t have any natal planets around the 16 degree mark, I’ve been hoping the Saturn going direct thing will make things clear for me. Transiting Saturn is conjunct ing my natal moon at 6 Scorpio and almost exactly ( 0 deg 56 secs) squaring my natal saturn. I THINK the first part confirms my new moon plans that I’m on the right track with the home basics way of life… but the Saturn squaring Saturn. Does that mean its going to be tough but i should stick it out and forget about the other conflicts in my life?

Yes. The square always means that it will be tough… Thinking of you….

Thanks Jo 🙂

PS – i messed up with my pasting and the top 3 lines were my notes for something else … sorry and please excuse the newbie lol

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