Just another manic Monday…

Beautiful girl holding two fresh apples

Monday 15 July

Moon in Libra

Some days things just feel a little tougher than others…yeah?

Today is likely to be one of those days.

If I had to make an emotional weather forecast it would be something like:

Partially fine with underlying unsettled conditions, with a chance of a storm later in the day

You see the Moon is in Libra and, given the number of planets in Cancer, pretty well every aspect being made is a tough one.

Those of you in the Northern hemisphere might have experienced the frustration and tendency to over indulge that came with the square to Mars and Jupiter. Thankfully I slept through these- although the result in the cricket was a tough one to swallow after getting so close…

Anyways, ahead today is a square to Pluto, and opposition to Uranus and a square to retrograde Mercury. All good fun…right?


See the Moon in Libra likes calm waters, a peaceful environment, balmy Spring like weather. Libra reacts to conflict by looking for common ground, finding points of similarity and balance. Libra is disconcerted by imbalance and certainly doesn’t get off on unexpected surprises, potential power struggles or the passive aggressive “fine” followed by a re-hash of everything that you should know that is wrong in the relationship.


Put it all together and we have just another manic Monday…wish it was Sunday…that’s my fun day…