Jupiter trine Neptune: Beyond beyondness…

The final episode in my mini-series of key planetary aspects for 2017…

Oh, I’m looking forward to this one. I’m looking forward to when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, but when Jupiter hooks up with Neptune? Both my chart rulers talking the same language? Oh yes, that’s what dreams are made of.

The thing I like best about this aspect is the idea of selfless generosity and inclusivity attached to it – the concept that there is room for everyone. I’m not just talking about people, races, cultures, colours, religion, love. I’m also talking about ideas and voices. Who’s to say that there’s not room for us all? There’s magic in this one.

Anyways, let’s break it down:

  • Jupiter is about faith, expansion, trust, abundance. Jupiter wants you to be “bigger” than you are – to expand past your existing boundaries.
  • Neptune is about the dissolution of boundaries, beyondness, selflessness, idealism, illusion, dreams. Neptune wants to dissolve the ego to lift you to something higher.
  • Trines are about ease and flow. Whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Obstacles will be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be good or painless, just that whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily!

Ok, so putting it all together, what does it mean?

This is probably the most likely aspect to promote feelings of humanitarianism, spirituality, and sharing of any aspect we’ll see this year. It’s hopeful, it’s idealistic, and it’s inspiring in the true sense of the word.

The Timing?

This aspect will be exact on December 3, 2017 at 11 Scorpio/Pisces.

Who is impacted?

While Jupiter trine Neptune will form part of the astro weather forecast for all of us in that first week or so of December, the people most impacted will be:

  • Anyone whose Ascendant or Sun is ruled by Jupiter or Neptune – that means Pisces, or Sagittarius. More specifically:
  • Anyone with planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at between 9-13 Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

Not sure if this is you?

Duck back and check out the toolkit I published the other day for all the links you need.

The advice?

If there are any dangers associated with this aspect, they’re around trusting the wrong people, and a tendency to idealise a situation. As for personal goals and ambitions? Yeah, not the best aspect for that either, but you know what? This is all happening in December – there’ll be plenty of time for that sort of thing when 2018 comes around.

Next time: This concludes my mini-series on 2017 aspects. I could keep going and look at Jupiter into Scorpio and Saturn into Capricorn, and…but this will keep us going for now!

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