Jupiter transits through the houses: Part 3

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Note: The posts I’m linking to are old- really old, so please don’t write and tell me that Jupiter is not in Pisces- it was when these were written….

Yesterday we talked about the suceedent houses- the 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house.

Today we’ll look at Jupiter through the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th: the cadent houses.

Again, to recap from Toolbox 5, cadent houses are about thought, reflection and consequences. Planets in these houses, or transits to these houses are about learning something. In this way, they represent the change that comes before action is taken in the angular houses…thereby starting the cycle all over again.

Think about it: change is initiated, it’s consolidated, we learn and grow from it… which in turn initiates more change…and so on.

Cadent house are associated with the flexible signs ie Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The 3rd house is associated with the learning we do early in life- it’s our elementary education. It’s also our immediate environment. If the 1st is about me, the 2nd is about my resources, the 3rd is my messages, my communication, my environment, my neighbourhood. It’s my brothers and sisters, the short or routine journeys I take… it’s my school.

When Jupiter is transiting your 3rd house you don’t need to venture too far from your neighbourhood to connect with new people. Opportunities for expansion or benefit could come from somewhere close to home, your siblings or contacts close to home.

The link to the post is here.

In the 6th house we’re about to venture out into the world. We worked out how to express ourselves in the 5th, now we’re learning about those routines and habits that will keep us healthy. We’re also learning how to interact with others through employees and “service” staff.

It’s about the work you do for others, your domestic chores, the work you outsource to others, your employees, the work you do to keep your body healthy or to regain your health…and what you learn from all of that. It’s also about pets- and anyone who’s had one knows just how much caring for a pet teaches you!

Jupiter in this house is an opportunity to address health concerns and listen to your body. It’s also a time where work will be busy, busy, busy- it could feel as though you do nothing but work. Frustratingly it could to be work without reward or recognition, but if you suck it up (an Aussie expression for just get on with it) the rewards will come later. Head down, bum up- another Aussie expression for just get on with it.

Historically, it’s been Jupiter transits of the 6th where I’ve gained the most weight, but that’s just me. Then I spend the rest of the cycle trying to get rid of it!

The link to the post is here.

By the time we get to the 9th house we’re well and truly out in the world and have dealt with the intensity of relationships, the survival and resources associated with relationships, and we’re now ready to open our minds, expand our boundaries a little and learn what it is that we need to learn to achieve our personal dreams and ambitions.

The 9th is about expanding beyond our relationships and ourselves and into that part of ourselves that grows and achieves. It’s about the learning we do to expand our minds. It’s about adult education, vocational education, spiritual education. It’s about physical travel- beyond the short, routine journeys we take in the 3rd house. It’s about metaphysical travel, philosophies, religion. It’s about people from other lands, other religions, other philosophies, other cultures. It’s about what all of this teaches us about ourselves, and what we want to achieve. It’s about the people who teach us about these things. It’s about publishing and broadcasting- sending a message out.

When Jupiter is in the 9th there are opportunities for travel, study or spirituality to broaden your mind and your range of experiences. It’s this house that Jupiter is traditionally associated with. The warning? Try not to be too jaded or think you’ve seen it all and can’t learn or experience anything new. The whole “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.” You don’t know everything- even if you think you do.

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In the 12th house we face the consequences of everything that has come before. It’s where we retreat to regroup, it’s how we avoid the world, and it’s where we come undone- sabotage ourselves. It’s where we find (and hide) our addictions, or the things (and people) that “imprison” us. It’s also where we find our hidden, or undeclared enemies- many of whom are within ourselves. It’s where we escape, how we escape, and what we learn from it.

It’s also where we give of ourselves (and our resources), or sacrifice ourselves to others- whether that’s in selfless service, or in martyrdom. It’s also about the reflection required to begin the cycle all over again.

What to expect? Increased compassion and empathy for starters. The 12th house is hidden and behind the scenes so don’t expect dancing girls and the hallelujah chorus. It can be a time of great healing- and has the potential to help you with those behaviours that you know bring you undone. I liken it to the old-fashioned term of confinement- that period before you give birth to something. It’s a time for finishing- not starting. The warning? Those self-undoing behaviours can get bigger and more problematic.

The link to the post is here.