Jupiter Transits of the Houses: Part 1


We’ve been talking a lot over the past week or so about Jupiter and Jupiter transits. This series of posts has been partly timed because I’ve had to write something about the shift in energy that is Jupiter going into Libra; and partly because Wish You Were Here is with the editor and I have a few days within which to binge write some new content before starting on I Want You Back. It’s not because things are going to spontaneously change today, tomorrow, the minute that Jupiter moved into Libra yesterday.

The thing is, Jupiter is always on the move and as he proceeds on his orbit he strolls through the houses in your chart and calls in to chat with the planets there- making a full circuit every 12 years. The point I’m trying to make is things are constantly moving, the weather is constantly changing. Jupiter in Libra is just another layer to that environment.

When Jupiter calls by he brings lucky breaks, boom times and periods of abundance. Not that I want to rain on your parade, but all of this sounds fabulous on the surface- until you look at the hidden- or alternate- meanings of these phrases:

  • Lucky breaks are great if you’re in a position to recognise them, act on them, or have done the preparation required to make success out of them. Sometimes they don’t appear with “lucky break” plastered all over their forehead- that’s also where things get tricky.
  • Boom times aren’t just periods of prosperity- they can also be times when everything is blown wide open or wide apart in order to let something else through.
  • Have you ever heard the term ‘it doesn’t rain, but it pours?’ Yep, Jupiter. The thing is- nature requires periods of rain in order to sustain life and encourage growth. It’s exactly the same concept when it comes to Jupiter. Jupiter periods can be times of prosperity and indulgence, but they can also make the part of life that Jupiter is touching busier than you’ve ever known it to be- both a good and a bad thing.

From all of this comes growth and expansion- in one way or another. Jupiter provides an opportunity, but what you do with that and how you choose to react to that is entirely up to you. I’ve heard a number of people tell me that the only thing Jupiter has brought them is weight gain- and that can be true too.

This has been a 7th house year for me- with Jupiter touching most planets in my chart. It’s been (so far) the busiest, most stressful year I can recall. There have been massive changes and losses at work, at home, in friendships, relationships, income streams. I know that when I look back I’ll see that everything was blown apart in order for it to be put back together in another different way- it’s been tough though to recognise that.

In amongst the chaos have been some amazing opportunities and doors that I couldn’t previously see and would not have been open to me. Through the wreckage- and there’s no other way of describing it- is a possibility for something completely new- that’s both exciting and scary at the same time. It’s something that would not have been possible if everything had remained as it was.I’ve been motivated into acting- and in a very Jupiter way: outside my comfort zone with a big side serve of faith.

Anyways, enough about me- what might Jupiter transits mean for you?

Luckily I’ve done a series of posts on each house in the past- yes, they’re old, but with my schedule any new content is a bonus, right?

First up we have the cardinal houses- the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th. We call these houses the angular houses or the Cross of Matter. If you want to know more about these houses and what they mean, check out Toolbox No. 3. These houses are about action and initiation, and planets transiting these houses are motivated to do just that: act and initiate.

The years that Jupiter transits these houses tend to be incredibly…busy. They’re the years that you look back and wonder how you managed it all- but somehow you did. If you look back even more closely, you’ll also notice the growth- hopefully not just in the size of your jeans.

The 1st house is associated with your health and vitality, how you look, how you behave, your confidence, and the image or mask that you show to the world. It’s the first thing we notice about you.

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If Jupiter is transiting your Sun- regardless of what house your Sun is in natally, you should read this post.

The 4th house is associated with your roots, your family, your history, your home, your father (although some astrologers argue this to be the dominant parent), your private life, buried things- emotions or treasure.

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The 7th house is associated with relationships. It’s life and business partners, and it’s also known (or declared) enemies (eg the opposing party in love, war or lawsuits.

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The 10th house is your career, your boss, your mother. It’s also your public reputation and social status- it’s how you’re seen by the world.

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