Jupiter square Pluto: being a force of the awesome…

Continuing my mini-series of key planetary aspects for 2017…

This year I’ve set myself some serious goals. Big, hairy-arsed goals. Goals so huge that I can’t see over the top of them – although given that I’m pretty short and need a step ladder to reach the top shelf in the kitchen, that part isn’t surprising. Yes, they’re audacious, but in a year where we’re throwing everything in the air to move over 1000kms away, moderation doesn’t really cut it.

The thing is, there’ll be plenty of people out there who’ll say I can’t get there, that I’ll fall at the first post, that I’m aiming too high. There’ll be plenty of other people and events this year that will throw obstacles in my way. The biggest of those, I suspect, will be the house move and relocation. Bigger even than that are the excuses I make for myself.

Let’s break it down:

  • Jupiter is about faith, expansion, trust, abundance. Jupiter wants you to be “bigger” than you are – to expand past your existing boundaries.
  • Pluto is about transformation, power, ambition, depth, intensity. Pluto wants you to be the best, most honest version of yourself. He wants you to achieve your ambitions and reach your potential. If Jupiter is associated with fortune, Pluto is also associated with money, so this is not the time to take on more debt than you can afford…if, indeed, there ever is a time to take on more debt than you can afford.
  • The square is about tension, potential, difficulties, challenges, obstacles, a sense that someone or something has happened that forces you to take action – probably action you hadn’t expected to have to take. Your action is a consequence of what has happened, not necessarily any decision you’ve made.

Ok, so putting it all together, what does it mean?

In a way, Jupiter square Pluto is about renovation. It could be a house, a job, aspirations, health, finances, relationship, perhaps something bigger than you…you name it. But this is about more than the proverbial lick of paint, this is much more fundamental than that – it’s more of a knock down, rebuild type of project…so to speak. And yes, it’s obvious that I’m spending way too much time on real estate sites at the moment.

You could find that some structures are demolished around you – and as difficult and painful as it is to understand or acknowledge, maybe they needed to be. Perhaps that wall needed to be broken through or knocked down so you can see what’s beyond it, or what could be built in its place.

And the obstacles? It could be a person, an event, an authority figure, a rule…or, indeed, yourself. Don’t discount that the difficulties you’re seeing are perceived rather than real – and possibly not as insurmountable as they at first appear.

The Timing?

This aspect will be exact on 30/3/17 and 4/8/17. The two planets are, however, within a couple of degrees apart from mid March- Mid April and again from Mid July- mid August

Who is impacted?

While Jupiter square Pluto will form part of the astro weather forecast for all of us during March- April and July- August, the people most impacted will be:

  • Anyone whose Ascendant or Sun is ruled by Jupiter or Pluto – that means Pisces, Sagittarius or Scorpio. More specifically:
  • In March/ April: Jupiter square Pluto will be exact at 19 Libra/Capricorn. Anyone with planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at between 17-21 Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer.
  • In July/ August: Jupiter square Pluto will be exact at 17 Libra/ Capricorn. Anyone with planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at between 15-19 Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer.

Not sure if this is you?

Duck back and check out the toolkit I published the other day for all the links you need.

The advice?

Expect resistance and conflict – even if you’re actively attempting to avoid that. Jupiter inspires trust, and Pluto demands honesty and integrity, so by all means stand up for what you believe in, but don’t try and force it down the throat of others. Speaking of which, when it comes to standing your ground, it helps if you know that ground is steady and your opinion true. You know the saying about people in glasshouses throwing stones.

The thing is, whenever Pluto is involved, it pays to ensure your endeavours re legitimate, your motivation is pure and your integrity is intact.

Keep that in mind and you could seriously be a force of the awesome.

Tomorrow: Venus Retrograde

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