Jupiter square Neptune

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (local time) one of the key aspects of 2019 astrology will be exact:

Jupiter square Neptune 

This is the first of three meetings that the two planets will have this year – the other 2 are in June and then September.

But what does it all mean? To work it out let’s break it down.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, expansion, and growth. When Jupiter transits your chart he wants you to expand beyond your current realm of experience. Jupiter is optimistic and willing to believe. Jupiter is the eternal traveller, the Renaissance Man, a blue sky thinker. Jupiter is also about joviality and abundance – but with abundance also comes excess. Jupiter makes things bigger – and can exaggerate what’s already there.

Neptune is about dreams and visions. Neptune is idealism, escapism, martyrdom and spirituality. Neptune is about expanding beyond the ego into some sort of a higher plane. Sometimes though this alternate plane is found through alternate substances. Neptune causes confusion and “fog”.

The literal translation of this could be to take any existing confusion and make it bigger – even more confusing…mass confusion, if you like. But this page is a political free zone so I won’t go there.

My take on it is different – and probably more Piscean. When you put these two together the sky presents no limitations at all – anything truly is possible. Your dreams can soar freely, and the possibilities really are endless.

This is especially the case right now as both Jupiter and Neptune are in the signs that they rule – Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. It’s even more special for us Pisceans who are ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune.

It all sounds alright, doesn’t it?  Yes…and well, maybe. 

You see, the connection this time around is a square aspect – and a square is stressful – usually presenting a challenge or a test of some description. Sometimes too you can be exposed to the worst sides of the planets and signs involved.

An obvious example of this is a test of faith – or belief. You know the one – when someone (or something) you have held up to be good and true turns out not to be quite so good and pretty damned unreliable with the truth. 

What do you do? Make excuses? Persevere? Or cut your losses and run? There’s your test right there.  

Maybe it’s an idol who has let you down, a teacher, or maybe a system of belief that you no longer, well, believe quite as completely in. Maybe that get-rich quick scheme isn’t quite as fail-safe as it said on the brochure, perhaps someone is too good to be true, maybe you’ve idealised someone as the perfect partner who absolutely doesn’t deserve that sort of accolade. 

The message? There are a few. 

As you probably know by now I’m a big one for doing the whole follow your dreams thing, and this aspect – despite it’s potential downsides – really does support that.

Sure, apply some common sense and justifiable caution when confronted by anything that seems too good to be true – whether that’s a financial scheme, a person, a potential love interest or an ideology. Also, you might need to cut your losses when the reality of the illusion (or delusion) is exposed.  

Keep your finances secure, seek the advice of people that are deserving of your trust, and avoid any decisions made under the influence of anything that has the ability to alter your perception of reality – and that includes fake news.

Other than that? Dream your dreams – and follow them.  Sure they’ll be tested – that’s what happens to dreams. If they get through those tests? Now you know you’re really onto something.

This aspect will be exact again on June 16, 2019 at 18 Sagittarius and Pisces respectively; and September 21, 2019 at 16 Sagittarius and Pisces respectively.