Jupiter sextile Saturn: providing opportunities to prepare for opportunities…

Continuing my mini-series of key planetary aspects for 2017…

You know that saying – ok, there are heaps of them along the same lines – about how good luck is really just hard work mixed with an opportunity.

It’s about being prepared sufficiently that when opportunity comes knocking, you’ve got a better chance than others to take it and run with it. It might look like you got lucky, but really, you gave the likelihood of luck a helping hand. And that’s what Jupiter sextile Saturn is about – providing you with an opportunity to prepare for the opportunities to come.

Let’s break it down:

  • Jupiter is about faith, expansion, trust, abundance. Jupiter wants you to be “bigger” than you are – to expand past your existing boundaries.
  • Saturn is about reality, commitment, boundaries, discipline, structures, protective barriers. Saturn is the teacher that wants you to mature and become wiser, and be well prepared for when Jupiter opportunities come your way.
  • Sextiles often bring opportunities. When the sextile is between 2 masculine signs ie Libra and Sagittarius, the opportunity could just drop into your lap.

Ok, so putting it all together, what does it mean?

Just like the Saturn and Uranus trine (see yesterday’s post) allows the blending of two very different energies, so too does this. The influence of Saturn on Jupiter moderates and disciplines the urge for growth and expansion. It removes some of Jupiter’s inclination to take inappropriate or poorly thought out risks. Most importantly, it can provide the commitment you need to finish what you started.

The Timing?

This aspect will be exact on August 27, 2017 at 21 Libra/ Sagittarius.

Who is impacted?

While Jupiter sextile Saturn will form part of the astro weather forecast for all of us during August, the people most impacted will be:

  • Anyone whose Ascendant or Sun is ruled by Jupiter or Saturn – that means Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. More specifically:
  • Anyone with planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at between 19/23 Libra or Sagittarius. Other Air and Fire signs might also be able to feel these energies.

Not sure if this is you?

Duck back and check out the toolkit I published the other day for all the links you need.

The advice?

There’s no denying that while Saturn takes a relatively narrow view, Jupiter’s perspective is wide open – and that’s often what you need in order to seek the help you require to overcome whatever it is that is blocking your progress. Just as with Saturn trine Uranus, the advice is to proceed carefully, moderately.

Also during this period, you could have an opportunity to look at your existing goals with eyes wide open and more objectivity than you normally have. Don’t be afraid to get rid of any old dreams that no longer apply.

Check out what’s in your bucket list – now could be the time to take out an item or two and put some achievable actions around it.

Just be sure to do something with this energy. While sextiles can often be quite benign, the opportunities they create could be as a result of a dramatic event that effectively clears space in your life for the possibility to drop into. Just saying.

Tomorrow: Jupiter trine Neptune

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