Jupiter sextile Pluto


Jupiter sextile Pluto is possibly the stand-out aspect of the month – and one of the key aspects for this year. The first of three meetings between these two planets occurs just 24 hours (or so – I’ve never been great at maths) before the New Moon – and I for one don’t believe in coincidences like that. It feels awfully like a chance for regeneration or repurposing to me.

Sextiles tend to indicate opportunities, and sextiles between planets in feminine signs (Scorpio and Capricorn respectively) usually mean that you need to go inward to find the opportunity – it’s not one that will be jumping up and down waving with a great big sign on its head. It could even be masquerading as something that looks nothing like your big chance – that’s the thing about sextiles.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. What this aspect could bring is growth through positive change, advancement at a higher level, an ability to influence others and make inroads into the achievement of your goals – whether they be personal or professional.

This is one of those be careful what you wish for moments – because there is a possibility that you may get it. Maybe not today or tomorrow or even next week, but if you jump at what’s opening up…or open the doors yourself…it could bring you closer to what you want. And when I talk about what you want, I’m referring to your ambitions and deep soul level goals that you mightn’t want to say out loud. Just ensure that what you’re seeking will be for the betterment of more than just your ego. Both Jupiter and Pluto are more about the good of the collective than power for its own sake.

Another thing about opportunities like this – even if they don’t appear to be behaving in the way that you would expect them to, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the path you’re being led down is the wrong one.

Finally, when it comes to aspects, don’t overlook the possibility that the opportunity for growth or power or significance will come in the form of a person rather than an event. It could be someone that’s new in your life or someone whose depth and importance to you has been overlooked or taken for granted. Jupiter people tend to be teachers or spiritual/religious advisors or leaders, Pluto people bring with them influence and power.

Consider this when you’re setting your New Moon intentions over the next couple of days. What steps can you take now that will might result in profound changes to your life? Write them down.

As I mentioned before, the first of these meetings will be exact at 19 Scorpio 1′ and 19 Capricorn 17′ on 16 Jan, 2018 (or thereabouts, depending on where in the world you live), but the influence is with us now.

Use this first pass to look at the affairs of these houses and ask these questions:

  • Are you holding onto an out-dated version of yourself?
  • Are you refusing to change and grow, afraid of what might be exposed if you do?
  • Do you need to “lighten up” or be “enlightened”?
  • Are you holding onto the past or remaining in a situation that is no longer working simply because it’s easier to do this and uncomfortable to move?
  • Where do you need to be regenerated?

The answers probably won’t smack you in the face – answers don’t tend to do that – but events and people can. As you read the signs that are presented to you over the next couple of months, note them down. Is there one theme coming up more often than another?

Jupiter and Pluto align again in the middle of April at 21 Scorpio/Capricorn – Jupiter will be retrograde. Although the date the aspect is exact is 14 April, the energy will be present before and after.

The final pass is exact-ish on 12 September 2018 when Jupiter is direct again. I’d suggest asking the same set of questions again at that point – it would be interesting if your answers have changed in the meantime.

Now, before you start worrying that you’ll never remember all of this, I’ll remind you at or around each of the planetary hook-ups. As for me? I’m off to ask myself the same set of questions…no peeking at my answers!






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