Jupiter Retrograde 2017

Jupiter Retrograde

So anyways, Jupiter is officially retrograde later today.

One of my regular readers on the Facebook page last year suggested that rather than internalising her get up and go, when Jupiter is retrograde it feels more as if it’s been squashed. Yes, she has a heavy Sagittarius chart and therefore, Jupiter influence- absolutely she’ll feel like that.

It’s exactly like those with Taurus and Libra signatures will feel when Venus is retrograde.

A number of years ago when I was working in a previous partition job and travelling around, I could always time when the flying would stop for the year. Yep, when Jupiter went retrograde. I felt more tired, I questioned myself more, I retreated more, I usually got my annual head cold. I felt squashed.

As the modern ruler of my ASC, the ruler of my MC, and in aspect to pretty well everything else, Jupiter is prominent in my chart, so Jupiter changing direction was always going to have an influence.

It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve noticed something else from the Jupiter retrograde period: when Jupiter is retrograde my creative output increases.

Jupiter natally is in the 5th for me, so that’s the expression he takes anyway, but it’s like all that energy that I usually push outwards, is directed to producing something that’s a little purer and more edgy in nature. These days I indulge the ideas and work with the energy rather than against it and, somehow, Jupiter retrogrades are no longer periods to be dreaded. These days I schedule the bulk of my creative fiction work for this period.

The thing is, Jupiter is retrograde natally in my chart, so I’m probably more in tune with the energy than I would be if it weren’t. Having Jupiter natally retrograde is not unusual- given that Jupiter is retrograde for around four months a year (or thereabouts) a reasonable number of us will.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a planet natally retrograde, essentially the energy of that planet is brought inwards, before it is sent out. In the case of Jupiter, even if you have- as I do- a well placed Jupiter (ie in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer) your outlook may appear more serious than if Jupiter is direct in that sign. Your faith will be deeply rooted and you may be less inclined to risk your emotions in public. Tick, tick and tick.

I have this theory that retrograde planets behave, at least at first, like their opposite. Que? In going inwards, you explore first the nature of the opposite before sending the energy out.

Example. My Mars is in Scorpio, in the 8th. Strong yeah? It could be if it wasn’t retrograde. My immediate Mars response is often more like a Taurus Mars response…then the Scorpio power kicks in.

Same with Jupiter.

I react with an almost Saturnian worry about what people will think, what is the catch, how will this affect my reputation…then I say what the hell and go for it anyway.

Anyways, my point is, as far as possible, try and work with this energy. Use it to reconnect with what you really believe in. Use it to reconnect with what fires your Jupiter into action- the clues will be in the element that Jupiter is in. Concentrate on that area of life, the house, where Jupiter is natally- this is where if you work for it, your luck will come.

Attempting to go against the tide or stopping completely will only increase the frustration and fear of missing out- and that’s when Jupiter tends to feed his mouth instead of his faith…if you know what I mean…

6/2/17 stations retrograde 23 Libra 8”

8/6/17 stations direct 13 Libra 13′

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