Daily Planets

Jupiter opposite Uranus: Breaking Free

Friday, March 3, 2017

Jupiter opposite Uranus

Moon in Taurus

Today’s star aspect is one of the key themes for all of us in 2017: Jupiter opposite Uranus. I explored it in depth back in January – you can find the post here.

Although the aspect is exact today, the astro weather it brings has been with us for most of February, and will remain well into the middle of March.

Breaking free or away or whatever you want to call it, is rarely pleasant or easy – so isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. With the Moon in Taurus today, your restless urges could be tempered by a desire to stay still, stay put, and not rock the boat. It could be that is the right decision for you – only you can know that.

With our relocation, it’s a theme that’s with me constantly. I’ve been attempting to hold on with one hand while reaching out to a new adventure with the other. It hasn’t worked. Ties I’ve wanted to keep tied have been cut. That, however, is my story – you might be at an entirely different stage in the change curve in yours.

The advice?

Even though it’s the last thing that you might feel like doing, and although a leap of faith is absolutely required (at some point), you need to proceed with caution – and not try to force the action or jump before you are ready or before you’ve assessed the risks. Rash decisions, and impulsive actions could lead to more delays. Perspective is seriously important right now, so keep yours open. Now is not the time to throw something worthwhile and good away on an impatient whim.