Jupiter and 6th house transits- In Sickness and in Health

When I started this series on Jupiter transits through the houses, I knew that there would be some transits I would find harder to write than others. This is one of those moments. I have delayed publishing this piece and have edited it substantially for that reason. It still feels a little too self indulgent…such is life.

Through this series I have tried to, in Jupiter style, put a positive spin on what a Jupiter transit can bring and dwelled less on the glass half empty stuff. I read a great piece by Donna Cunningham the other day which reminded me that I also have a responsibility as an astrologer to face up to the fact that there are potentially difficult transits that need to be acknowledged and explored. Whilst Jupiter transits may bring gain, they can also bring loss and can be quite painful- no gain without pain.

The 6th house is a work house and it is a body house. It is not a glamorous house and it is not a particularly gratifying area of life- unless you enjoy duty, responsibility and plain hard work. It isn’t fun and creative like the 5th or full of adventure and learning like the 9th. This is the house associated with Virgo. It is also the house of sickness, servants and small animals.

It is worth remembering that Jupiter transits of the 6th house will also be felt in the 12th (institutions, hospitals, confinement, escape, self un-doing) and the 3rd/9th axis- the stuff we learn and how we communicate it, our environment and beyond. As with all transits, you also need to look at what else is being triggered in your chart to get a really good idea as to how things will manifest for you.

When Jupiter was transiting the 5th you were on creative fire, you may have commenced a really exciting affair or a new project. Now it is time for the hard work, the critical analysis to cement these opportunities. If you started a romance during the 5th house transit, you are now going through the getting serious routine- maybe you are doing the new routines associated with partial co-habiting, maybe you are setting up the structure for your relationship. Either way, it is hard work, but work in which you are putting your ego aside for the time being. At the end of the transit your relationship will be different- one way or another.

Maybe it was a new business and you are doing the hard yards to set up the structure for your creative venture. Maybe you started a new job and are establishing yourself in a changed role. When Jupiter transits this house, he brings the opportunity for more work- tasks that you need to do to the best of your ability, not for any advancement now, but to increase your self- respect and that of your colleagues and superiors. Perhaps there has been a change in management and you have to prove yourself over again.

Quite often what you are having to do will be at odds with what you want to do and where you want to go- this is a service house and by definition the work that is done here is done out of responsibility and duty. It isn’t supposed to be fun- you may not like it, but you sort of understand that, so it is OK… for now…

Fortunately during this transit you are usually in good health- as Jupiter does bring extra energy and vitality. Although with the amount of work that is on your plate, you may find yourself instead without sufficient time for yourself. Your eating habits may be compromised and with that much work on your plate the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is hit the gym- the bottle or the fridge might be more appealing than the treadmill. For this reason, a 6th house Jupiter transit often does expand your physical body… and not in a good way. In looking after others, you forget to look after yourself. This outcome is especially likely if you resent the duty, responsibilities and are fighting to keep your own ambitions and ego under wraps. The resentment can literally make you sick.

Which brings me to the other reminder about Jupiter- not only does it make things bigger, it can make things happen easier- which is great when it is something that you want- not so great when it is a health problem that can get very bad very quickly- as it did with me last time Jupiter was in my 6th house.

In short, work was pretty shitty, very stressful and totally unrewarding. Training sessions started to drop off and were replaced by evenings on the lounge in front of the telly with some calming vino.  The little bit of extra weight multiplied (in true Jupiterian style) and before I knew it I was huge, anaemic, and barely had sufficient energy to get through the day let alone a Combat class.

After ignoring it all, in true Piscean head in the sand style, for 12 months, eventually I collapsed and ended up under the knife and with 4 weeks off work (coincidentally Jupiter moved into my 7th house almost immediately after my surgery). The day before I went into hospital I received a delivery of flowers from some colleagues. This completely broke me up- I had been so sure that no one knew how sick I was or how scared I was so that one gesture put so much into perspective. In the weeks that followed I had to, for one of the 1st times in my life, allow myself to do nothing and rely on somebody else to look after me (my husband threatened me with daytime television unless I behaved).

In hindsight, losing my health & my vitality, gave me a new attitude to what I had always taken for granted. In hindsight, it was one of the best things that had happened- although at the time it was one of the worst. And isn’t hindsight a hallmark of Jupiter transits?

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Libra, Jupiter will be tracking through your solar 6th house while it is in Pisces. As always with Libra, moderation and balance are the keys to good health, so when it seems as though the call of duty is overwhelming, make like the fish and escape the tank. Clear some room in your head and your schedule for sanity breaks. If you can’t get away physically, at least remove yourself to a quiet place with a book and some music. Good routines will help you deal with whatever the day throws at you.

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  1. Great work. Natally I have jupiter in the 6th So I have always worked hard but a trine to the MC makes me always paid well. I just highlighted your Mars piece in my Mars retrospective article by mentioning it and having a link to Astrology.com. Good place to start for understanding the retrograde. thanks, Heather

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