June Horoscopes…


So anyways, I posted a great meme on my astro facebook page the other day. It said:

Retrosexual- when you hook up with an ex during Mercury retrograde and blame the stars…

I don’t want to know the details, but Mercury is still retrograde for another week or so. Even after this, stay flexible as much as possible.

Have a great month…oh, and as a shameless act of self-promotion, my first novel, Baby, It’s You, is out now…on Amazon. It’s chick lit and it’s about friendship, change and bucket lists.



Life: Action planet Mars is in your sign for most of June. This is like a personal energy reboot, so get moving! Use the New Moon on the 16th to set some personal intentions for the year.

Love: Got some sweet nothings that need to be whispered in ears? With Venus traipsing through your communication zone, you know what needs to be said. It’s up to you whether you say it.

Money: This part of life will get a boost in the last week of June. Until then, watch your spending.

Career: Wherever possible, stick to facts- the rest will just confuse your audience.


Life: Much of June could feel like you’re waiting…for something…for anything. This is the end of your solar year, so check in on what you’ve achieved and what you can actively let go of.

Love: never under estimate the value of good conversation- or friendship. You could be surprised where it leads.

Money: With Venus skipping through your money zone this month, you could be feeling a tad more flush than usual. Naturally that doesn’t mean you have to spend it- it certainly doesn’t mean that you spend more than you can afford- but if you do, make sure that it’s on something absolutely fabulous.

Career: The Full Moon on June 3rd is highlighting the balance between work and life. If you’ve been spending too much energy on one or the other, take steps now to tweak that.


Life: Your social life could be busy right now. Saying yes doesn’t just mean an excuse for a good time, it could bring you in touch with connections that will help you in other ways.

Love: Planet of lurve, Venus, is in your sign for the whole of June. This is your month to attract, flirt, have fun and take advantage of good hair days. Enjoy!

Money: Is there any point in me telling you to pay attention to the details?

Career: If opportunities come up this month, try not to faff about for too long thinking about it. Use your instincts, not your fear, to guide you.


Life: The Full Moon on June 3rd is putting a focus on your home life. If you’ve been ignoring this part of your life, try something now to rectify that.

Love: Keep your wits about you this month- what seems too good to be true, could very well be. Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a fantasy or three- as long as you don’t mistake it for reality.

Money: Watch what goes out this month- see it flying out the door…and account for it. There’s potential for things to get out of control if you’re not careful.

Career: Use the New Moon on June 16th to set some intentions around your career. Do you need to do more study, maybe apply for a promotion? Take steps towards what you want now.


Life: Try exploring some new territory this month- maybe through travel, or through new ideas and viewpoints.

Love: Take care not to under-estimate the value of friendship. Even though it’s not all about romance, many a great partnership has grown from “just friends.”

Money: With Venus travelling through your friendship zone, there’s the possibility of lots of social activity- that means more going out than coming in. Make sure you’re balancing your books.

Career: If you’ve been thinking about studying, do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Your career zone will receive a boost from action planet Mars from June 25th.


Life: The New Moon on the 16th is an opportunity for you to check in on things like investment goals, estate planning and taxes. Yes, boring, but necessary.

Love: If things in the office have been hard going of late, there could be a little more sweetness coming your way.

Money: There’s definitely money to be made, but you may need to open your eyes a little wider and trust the process.

Career: Venus is moving through your career zone this month, so if there’s something that you want, think positive thoughts and take positive steps.


Life: The Full Moon on June 3rd is your reminder that it takes two to tango. Have you been neglecting me for we…or vice versa? Time to do some balancing.

Love: The New Moon on June 16th falls in your relationship zone. This is get real time for all things relationship based- whether you’re in one, want to be in one, want to stay in one, or want to get out of one.

Money: Stay focused on the practical details wherever possible. Unexpected bills could send things out of control quickly.

Career: If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been going backwards, things should start to move forward again from the 2nd week in June.


Life: This month it’s all about your healthy routines. Try not to take on too much and over-commit yourself.

Love: Action planet Mars will be moving through your relationship zone from June 25th. Things could be about to get busy.

Money: With your ruling planet, Saturn, moving backwards at present, unexpected bills are a possibility- although, aren’t they always?

Career: Pay attention to the tasks at hand. June is more about managing down than up, so don’t lose sight of those coming up the ladder behind you.


Life: This month, if you can, take some space to reconnect with your creative side- whatever that is.

Love: Even if things have been a little rocky of late, you might just find the common ground you need to move forward.

Money: Try to delay any major purchases- especially if they’re travel or communicated related- at least until the 2nd week in June. If you’re not in a position to do this, at least read the fine print.

Career: If your work related goals need revisiting and tweaking, try to set aside some time this month to do just that.


Life: June is a great month to take pleasure in rituals and healthy habits. This month it’s about treating your body with the respect it deserves.

Love: If you’re in the market for a little fun or a little love this month, you might just be lucky- especially in the last week of June. It could be a crush, it could turn into something more…who knows?

Money: Money spent to make your home or personal space more of a sanctuary could be in the stars this month. The usual rules apply regarding making sure your fixed expenses are covered first.

Career: The Full Moon on June 3rd highlights imbalances between work and home. If you’ve been taken for granted in one or both, consider taking steps to change that.


Life: If you’ve been putting off getting some improvements happening around the home, delay no longer. Use the first two weeks of June to play with your ideas and do some real planning.

Love: With pleasure loving Venus moving through your fun, love and creativity zone this June, it’s time to express yourself…you know you want to.

Money: If the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Career: Things could be happening quickly this month. It’s all about tomorrow stuff, so stop looking back at yesterday.


Life: As style planet Venus prances through your home zone, use her energy to make things more beautiful- and to help smooth over any family issues that need smoothing over.

Love: Sometimes it can be tough for you to get the words out- they get stuck. Sometimes though, you have to swallow your fear and risk saying what needs to be said. The outcome will be what it will be.

Money: Mars is still energising your money zone- at least for the first few weeks of June. What are you waiting for?

Career: If you’ve had a tough time balancing work and home lately, the answer might have been there all along- but it will require a change of perspective.