Mars, the energy planet, has just moved into Sagittarius.

Ok, so that as a statement is a little “whatever”, but Mars as a planet is important to understand when it comes to what turns us on…and off.

When it comes to Mars we need to ask ourselves:

What am I really hungry for?

If you have Mars in Sagittarius you might be hungry for:

  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Knowledge
  • Faith
  • Philosophy

You might yearn to leave the boundaries of your normalness behind and fly off to somewhere completely different, somewhere whose culture is exotic and entirely unlike your own.

You might lust after knowledge- not necessarily fusty book knowledge, but knowledge of something bigger and greater.

You might devour travel books and brochures with the energy and desire that the rest of the world is reading 50 Shades of Grey with.

Rather than being told not to talk about sex, politics or religion, you like nothing better than an animated exchange of views on all of the above.

You might have this need to jump out of something that is working perfectly well, or off a platform that is otherwise stable, or tear off on a galloping horse into the distance, or launch yourself off a mountain or a wave on skis or a board.

You want to expand the boundaries of your mind or body beyond the world you know.

The only thing that really scares you is the possibility of missing out.

What happens if you don’t follow these urges?

What happens if you don’t go after what you’re really hungry for?

You get frustrated, discontented and seek fulfillment in other areas- possibly in food, alcohol or overly risky ventures. And you feel as though you’ve missed out…so you look for more substitutes…you put on weight, your views become blinkered, you become scared… and the cycle continues.

With Mars in Sagittarius, your greatest physical energy is in your bum and your legs- those muscles that allow you to launch off a mountain, a wave or whatever.

Use them. Strengthening these muscles will strengthen your courage to go after the things, and the principles, in life that you are really hungry for.

Does this sound like you? If you are a Sagittarius (especially a Sag guy), have Mars in Sagittarius, Mars in the 9th house or Mars in close aspect to (especially conjunct) Jupiter, this could be you, so use that butt for something other than sitting!