July Stars…for High Heels & Hangovers…


So, we’re into July already. If you’re anything like me those goals that you oh so confidently declared on or around midnight of December 31 are a distant memory.

By now I was going to have published one fiction book (tick), have the next draft ready (tick), have a romantic 10 days in Bali with my long suffering husband (tick), effortlessly sail through a busy week in the partition and still keep all of my blogs and other writing commitments up to date. Given that this piece is being written on July 5, I think we can safely say this one gets a cross. I was also going to be stress free, alcohol free, and free of 20 kgs by now. None of that has happened. I have, however, done a heap of house painting. I’m sure that counts.

In view of that, I figured we’d have a mini mid-year review…and look at the areas of life that could do with a little extra attention and goal setting this month.



This month is all about you. Use the energy of the New Moon around July 16th to set some personal targets. If there’s a new you lurking behind the scenes, under the layers, out of sight, take some steps to make it happen. With Venus travelling through your money zone, if you’ve managed your finances as you should have, you could even find yourself with a little extra in the kitty to spend on yourself.


It’s a wrap up month for you. Take some time to consider what’s worked and what hasn’t over the last 12 months. Without beating yourself up, what would you do differently in the next 12 months…and what have you planned that you are looking forward to? Then give yourself a big pat on the back and take some pride in what you have achieved. 


This is the month to check in on your goals, your dreams, and the dreams that can become goals. Try and resist the temptation to over-think or make it perfect. Sometimes, just the first step can make things feel more real. Besides, perfection is over-rated. July is also a good month to join a group, do a little light networking, or just enjoy some down time with friends. 


Are you where you want to be in terms of your career? If not, use the energy of the mid month New Moon to set some goals and do something, anything, to make it happen. Action planet Mars is also in your career zone in July, so a little re-boot could be on the cards. Don’t forget to make time to play.


There’s a whole wide world out there to explore. Don’t just think about the places you’d like to go to- although July is a good month to do a little travelling. Think about what you want to learn about. It could be higher education, or perhaps you’re interested in religion or spirituality….maybe even expose yourself to a different culture or way of life. It’s about opening yourself to possibility.


Ok, July is time to get real about your finances. By finances, I mean debts, investments, wills, taxes. Yep, it sounds dull, but is absolutely neccessary. If you haven’t got a budget, get one. If you’ve been putting off checking in on your mortgage, do it now. With pleasure loving Venus going through the holiday and learning part of your chart, it’s not all hard work.


Your area of focus this month is relationships and partnerships. The Sun moving through this part of your chart brings with it warmth and light, so use that to not only see things more clearly, but also more optimistically. Naturally if there are real problems, these might also be exposed. Before acting or reacting, take care to ask whether the problems you see are being projected from within you. It’s about the man in the mirror.


If your New Years resolution was to lose a few kilos or change a few (not so healthy) habits, and (like me) you haven’t done anything about it, your window of excuses is about to run out. When setting yourself health and routine based goals, make sure that they are authentic to you. Build things into your business as usual day and you’ll have a better chance of making them stick.


With both the Sun and action planet Mars putting an emphasis on the part of your chart that’s just for fun, July is perfect for expressing yourself. If you have a creative hobby, make the time to indulge it. That also goes for playing, partying and falling in love- or at least a crush. Just take care not to take any of it too seriously…not yet.


For you, July is about home and family. There might be changes that need to be made at home, issues that need to be addressed and finalised within the family- or the people you live with. Perhaps you’ve been considering some improvements or renovations- a coat of paint, a new cushion, or a new house-mate… The energy of both the Sun and Mars will help you do what needs to be done.


The spotlight for you is on the things you do every day- your routines, your messages, the people and places close to you. If you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, try changing something small- perhaps the way you drive to work, the lunch you order, your radio station. Venus is travelling through your home and family zone this month, so there are opportunities to make your home more beautiful.


July is about resources- both your physical or material resources, and those personal stores of energy that pick you up when your up and go has up and gone. Consider what is really important to you- not just in terms of what you’re spending your money on, but what you’re spending your time and effort on. It’s the priorities you set now- and the budgets you stick to- that will be valuable later.