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Hi there,

We haven’t met, so here’s a bit about me…

After making a sea-change, I now live in paradise – on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, with my husband, my daughter, and Kali, my cocker spaniel. Most of my words are written with Kali snoring on my feet or on a cushion beside me.

By day I work as a project manager, and when I finish my day job I’m an astrologer and a writer – but you’ve probably already gathered that because you’re reading this blog. It’s a juggle, but isn’t that what life’s about?

When I’m not writing or working, I like to walk, cook, and plan my next trip and my next novel.

You can keep up with my life away from the stars through my other websites:

Joanne Tracey – Author

The latest on all things writerly – with hints and tips for indie authors

Sunny Coast Jo

The hungry writer makes a sea-change – all about where I live, the Sunshine Coast of South East Queensland


15 replies on “About Me…”

Loving your new look blog! 🙂 And I’m loving the way you write ~ made me smile.. and nod my head quite a bit 😉 Looking forward to learning some more about the amazing world of Astrology along the way 🙂

Hi Jo,

I love your blog. I tried to email you about featuring one of your articles in my magazine but the address listed on the site didn’t work. Please email me for more info if you are interested.


Hi Jo, I just read you article on Grand Sextile on birth chart, said you once asked others to send you the chart if they have one. It happened that I have a Grand Sextile. Are you still interested in it?

Hi, thanks for the offer, but no I’ve finished writing on that particular subject. From time to time I’ll put out a call for charts – usually, when I have a subject I’m interested in pursuing and then writing about. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

Jo…You are AWESOME….my books got smoke damage in a fire, so I’m missing my horary books…and you beautifully reminded me of some important details, and you did it with awesome and funny writing! THANK YOU I look forward to reading anything you write…have you written a book?

Awwww thanks. I haven’t written any astro books…yet…but they’re on the schedule for 2019.

First time here! Great blog! As a student of astrology I have read countless books, viewed vlogs, and all over again…rereading materials to familiarize myself with all that the stars have to say. Yet, no one has done it like you. To carry us in vividly as the stars transcribe. Your personal experiences are phanomenal in magnifying the exact definitions for a learner. Thanks to Jupiter’s current transit alongside Venus in my 3rd house, I am enjoying this learning experience as viewed through your lens.

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