JFDI, GF and other life lessons

aristotoo for istock
aristotoo for istock

The other day I wrote about believing your feelings. That was then…back when the Moon is in Pisces… Over the weekend when the Moon is in Taurus I will tell you to listen to what your body is telling you…

This morning when the rain was pissing down outside and the cold air formed fog as I attempted to breathe and my shins were screaming with the pain of the first concrete “run” in about a month, I was wishing that I had listened to the feeling that I had that staying in bed and toddling down to the gym later in the day was a much better idea.

Instead I listened to the words that I knew would come out of the mouth of my BMF/quasi trainer if I didn’t show up at the agreed meeting spot at 8am this morning as promised. My BMF would accept nothing less than a death certificate if I didn’t show up this morning.

A mega Aries, with an amazingly focused Scorpio mind, his words to me would have been something along the lines of “haul your lazy arse out of bed” or “Just Frickin Do It.” There also would have been a “GF” (don’t ask) thrown in there somewhere too. And he is right…this time. It is motivation or inspiration that gets you started and habit that keeps you going. It is one of the things I love- and hate- about him. And it is what will get him across the line at his first marathon later this year.

Sure we all would love a comfortable life where we don’t do anything that we really don’t want to, where we feel like that thai green curry for lunch instead of the tuna wrap or that extra glass of wine instead of the soda water. But where would any of us be if we didn’t step outside of our comfort zone?  Sometimes we have to deliberately make ourselves uncomfortable. That is the motto of the Aries Moon- that spark that gets us out of bed, out the door and into the rain. JFDI.

JFDI and a little bit of faking- it is amazing the power of some cool running pants and technology charged kit to make you feel like a runner even though you are far from being it. Fake it until you make it- my Leo Sun motto.

Sure I didn’t do the 5kms without stopping that I set out to do, but I did do 5kms and I ran a hell of a lot more of it than I ran a month ago. So rather than beating myself up for it, I can choose to look at how far I have come, rather than how far I have to go (another motivational piece from BMF in channelling Bob & Jillian mode). I am faking it until I make it.

From the Sarah Wilson files (boy do I wish I had read this one before I did my Leo blog…), she talks about how Michelangelo accepted the commission to paint the Sistine Chapel even though that was not his normal style. But he showed up, day after day, and he made a masterpiece. He stepped outside his comfort zone, he fought the fear, he kept to routine and he became what he had been faking.

Which brings me neatly into tomorrows Moon- Taurus. Taurus Moon notoriously loves her comfort. Why be out hurting and running in the rain when bed is so warm and dreams are so lovely? But Taurus knows about habit- about sticking to bad habits and also about focusing on new ones. Taurus knows all about showing up again and again and a flipping gain.

I have entered a 10km race that is happening in just over a month. Sure I entered it under the influence, sure my intention is to be able to run half of it without stopping and the rest as a run/walk strategy. Entering it was one of the bravest things I have done, starting to run was another. The inspiration was Piscean in nature (over a bottle), the first run was Arian (JFDI), getting to my milestone will be Taurean- showing up day after day.

It’s like the manuscript time forgot. Pisces was the inspiration, an Aries challenge was the spark, and to complete it will take a Taurean just flipping write every day effort. Just like my aversion to running outside (seeing how far I have to go really freaks my head out), I am just writing words- and scattering them throughout the total. It seems to be working.

So, this weekend, what sort of Taurus will you channel? Will you listen to your body? Not just from a comfort factor but in a what can my body do for me way? Will you indulge in comfort eating, maybe swallow a feeling or two or will you use that legendary Taurus stamina?

The Taurus Moon is also great for shopping, art gallery hopping, wining & dining, doing beauty routines, taking care of yourself.

Speaking of which, I have a radox bath that is calling my name and a corned beef that needs skimming and a white mustard sauce to whip up…not necessarily in that order.